Tyler Stanaland, Brittany Snow’s Fiance: 5 Fast Facts

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow

Instagram/Tyler Stanaland Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow

Tyler Stanaland, 29, a luxury real estate agent and former professional surfer, is engaged to actress Brittany Snow. They both shared pictures to Instagram along with adorable captions to share the news.

Stanaland wrote on his page, “A few weeks ago, I asked @brittanysnow one of the most important questions I may ever ask. Forever? Luckily she said yes and we’ve spent the last little while celebrating the old fashioned way, together and with close friends and family. I don’t know how I got so lucky and I don’t know that I really understood what love is until you. Everything changed when we met. You are the most beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, incredible human and I couldn’t be more excited to do life with you. Here’s to forever and making our wildest dreams come true. Love you to the moon and back. 🌙”

Here’s what you need to know about Tyler Stanaland.

1. Tyler Stanaland Comes From a Real Estate Family & Obtained His License at Age 18

Tyler Stanaland grew up in Laguna Beach, California. According to his LinkedIn page and company bio, he comes from a long line of real estate agents. He is the sixth-generation Stanaland to sell property in southern California.

Stanaland graduated from Laguna Beach High School in 2007. He wasted no time dipping his feet into the family business. He obtained his real estate license at age 18.

His father, John Stanaland, explained to the Blau Journal in January of 2018 this his grandparents had moved from Long Beach to Laguna to take advantage of all the available land at the time. “They were developers who moved into the trailer park that is now Montage [Resort]. They developed Portafina, subdivided it and sold those for an oceanfront house in Victoria.”

2. Tyler Stanaland Works Alongside His Father Selling Luxury Real Estate in Southern California

Tyler Stanaland began focusing on real estate as a career in 2010. He began as a realtor at HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty, where he stayed for eight years.

According to his Linkedin profile, he began working with his father full-time at Villa Real Estate in May of 2018. Stanaland praised his father in an Instagram post from 2017, embedded above, in which he stated, “Thankful to be learning the trade from the best in the business.”

3. Stanaland Competed as a Professional Surfer

Tyler Stanaland doesn’t just love to surf. He pursued it professionally when he was younger.

Stanaland’s bio on the family real estate website promotes the skills he learned on the pro sports circuit: “The rare ability to be both focused and flexible and an unwavering commitment to goals are among the many professional attributes that Tyler Stanaland honed while traveling the world as a professional surfer.”

Stanaland was part of the Catch Surf team. In a 2015 interview for Surf Collective, Stanaland shared that his favorite place to vacation was Mexico, autumn is his favorite season and he loves sushi.

4. Stanaland Opened a Massive Gash in His Head While Surfing ‘The Wedge’ & Required 19 Staples

Warning: The video embedded above includes graphic imagery.

Tyler Stanaland listed “The Wedge” in Newport Beach as his favorite surf spot in the Surf Collective interview referenced above. But the spot was not as loving towards him on one particular day in 2018.

A camera was rolling when he wiped out on his board while surfing at the Wedge. Stanaland must have hit his head on his board. He ended up in the hospital with a huge gash across the top of his head. According to Inertia, Stanaland needed 19 staples to close the wound.

5. Tyler Stanaland Appears Unafraid to Show Off a Goofy Side Alongside Brittany Snow

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow look like they share a lot of laughs, if their Instagram photos are any indication. He posted the above photo a few days before announcing their engagement. They both were wearing face masks. Stanaland wrote in the caption, “I couldn’t have dreamed a more incredible human if I tried. Thank you for all that you are and for keeping my sun weathered face hydrated.”

Stanaland and Snow also dressed up for Halloween. Stanaland sported heavy eyeliner and showed off his vampire teeth for the camera.

And the above photo is more sweet than goofy. Stanaland dressed all in pink and used a pink surfboard in October of 2018 to help raise money to fight breast cancer.