The “Wall of the World” International Panel of Experts

The Wall of the World Judges

CBS/Ray Mickshaw, Warner Bros. Entertainment The “Wall of the World” international panel of experts helps judge the contestants on The World's Best by offering feedback and helping decide who will move forward in the competition.

The World’s Best, which aired its premiere directly after Super Bowl LIII on CBS last Sunday, features contestants from all over the world who will get a chance to showcase their talents and battle it out to become “the world’s best” and take home one million dollars. The CBS competition, which is hosted by James Corden, will be judged by Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles and Faith Hill.

The contestant will have to impress the judges and break through the “wall of the world,” which is made up of over 50 entertainment experts from around the world, according to International Business Times. The experts offer feedback to the contestants and help decide who will move forward in the competition. The American judges score each act from 1 to 50, and their scores are averaged. Each approving expert gets one point, and the combined scores are added up, with 75 needed to advance, according to USA Today.

So who makes up the international panel of experts? Besides being judged by Corden, Barrymore, Charles and Hill, the contestants will have 50 more judges to impress to move along in the competition.

The “Wall of the World” judges are made up of artists, musicians and experts from around the world, and represent countries like Australia, Sweden, South Korea, Ecuador, Ireland, Afghanistan, Greece and Holland, to name a few. They’re all seated behind the panel of judges along the wall, which makes up the “Wall of the World.”

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Executive producer Mike Darnell believes that the “Wall of the World” element is one of the many things that sets The World’s Best apart from most reality competition shows. “After Idol, what The Voice did was take a singing contest and added a game show element. When I was at Fox, I thought, ‘There has got to be room for one more variety show. What were our spinning chairs?” he asked Deadline, “It was the Wall of the World.”

Taking a seat on the Wall of the World are British choreographer Cisco Gomez, UFC legend Anderson Silva from Brazil, and Filipina pop star Pops Fernandez — just to name a few. For more information on the diverse panel of judges, check out the full list below, courtesy of Reality World TV:

  • Aaron Cash, a dancer and choreographer from Australia
  • Alberto Belli, a director from Mexico
  • Alex Wright, a K-Pop producer from South Korea
  • Anderson Silva, a UFC legend from Brazil
  • Angela Groothuizen, a singer and TV personality from The Netherlands
  • Ariadna Gutierrez, a model and former Miss Colombia from Colombia
  • Arthur Gourounlian, a creative director and choreographer from Armenia
  • Aryana Sayeed, an award-winning singer from Afghanistan
  • Carlos Latre, a comedian and actor from Spain
  • Caroline Morahan, an actress and TV host from Ireland
  • Cecilie Lassen, a royal ballet dancer from Denmark
  • Chantal Janzen, a singer and award-winning actress from The Netherlands
  • Chinzo Machida, a 5th degree blackbelt Shotokan master from Brazil
  • Dave Eringa, a platinum-selling record producer from the U.K.
  • Dennis Jauch, an award-winning dancer and choreographer from Germany
  • Del Mak, an international dance judge and choreographer from the U.K.
  • Essai Altounian, a multi-platinum artist from France
  • Galabina Kamenova, a six-time champion gymnast from Bulgaria
  • Galena Velikova, a sport dance champion from Greece
  • Gaukhar “Gia” Noortas, a filmmaker and actress from Kazakhstan
  • Hok Konishi, an Emmy-winning choreographer from Japan
  • Ida Nowakowska, a ballerina and actress from Poland
  • Jorge Gonzelez, a fashion icon and TV personality from Germany
  • Kate Henshaw, an award-winning actress from Nigeria
  • Kathy Wu, an actress and television host from China
  • Keshia Chante, an award-winning singer and songwriter from Canada
  • Kobi Rozenfeld, a choreographer and creative director from Israel
  • Lira (Lerato Molapo), a multi-platinum artist from South Africa
  • Luigie Gonzalez, a Grammy-nominated record producer from Panama
  • Makoto Deguchi, a theater producer from Japan
  • Margareta Svensson Riggs, a musical artist and vocal coach from Sweden
  • Nakul Dev Mahajan, a Bollywood choreographer from India
  • Nathalie Yves Gaulthier, a circus expert from Canada
  • Nazan Eckes, a TV host and judge from Germany
  • Patricia Manterola, a telenovela star and singer from Mexico
  • Paulina Aguirre, a Latin Grammy-winning singer from Ecuador
  • Petra Sprecher, a stuntwoman from Switzerland
  • Pops Fernandez, a music icon from the Philippines
  • Rikishi (Solofa F. Fatu Jr.), a WWE Hall of Fame wrestler from Samoa
  • Rokit Bay, a rapper and music producer from Mongolia
  • Ross King, an Emmy Award-winning journalist from Scotland
  • Sergio Trujillo, an award-winning Broadway choreographer from Colombia
  • Shado Twala, an award-winning radio and TV personality from South Africa
  • Sisco Gomez, a choreographer and TV host from the U.K.
  • Slava N. Jakovleff, a film director and TV producer from Russia
  • Slongs Dievanongs, an award-winning rapper from Belgium
  • Stu Golfman, a comedy talent agent from Canada
  • Stuart Macleod, a critically acclaimed magician from Scotland
  • Tats Nkonzo, an award-winning comedian and musician from South Africa
  • Thai Nguyen, a fashion designer and TV host from Vietnam
  • William Yuekun Wu, a Beijing opera actor from China
  • Yemi A.D. (Yemi Akinyemi Dele), a celebrity choreographer and creative director from Czech Republic
  • Zoe Tyler, a vocal coach and TV personality from the U.K.
  • Zora Dehorter, an international casting director from Nigeria

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. EST/PT to catch the newest episode of The World’s Best, and don’t forget to cast your vote!

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