‘Weird City’ Episode 3 Cast: List of Special Guests

Weird City

YouTube Weird City

Jordan Peele’s new scifi anthology Weird City is kicking off today on YouTube Premium. Here’s a look at the cast and special guests tentatively known to be appearing in Episode 3. Many of these are listed on IMDB, so edits or corrections may be added to this story later. We’re expecting to see LeVar Burton in this episode, along with many other guests including Lamar Richardson, who has been tweeting excitedly about his appearance.

LeVar Burton is expected to be in this episode. Of course, he was Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He’s been on many other shows too, including Perception, Transformers, NCIS: New Orleans, Roots, The Big Bang Theory, Christy, Reading Rainbow, and much more.

Cynthy Wu is playing Schmeidre/Steffi, according to IMDB. Her many other credits include Now We’re Talking (Jasmine), American Vandal (Mia), Twisted (Andie), and much more.

Auli’i Cravalho is playing Rayna Perez. She was Lilette on Rise.

Trevor Jackson is playing Chester. He was Aaron on Grown-ish and Kevin on American Crime. His many other credits include Kevin on Eureka, plus appearances on A Beautiful Soul, Cold Case, Let It Shine, and more.

Annalisa Chochrane plays Colleen. Her credits include NCIS Los Angeles, Kappa Delta Crypto, Heathers (Shelby), Broken Visions (Molly), Cobra Kai (Yasmine), The Young and the Restless (Zoey), and more.

Venus DeMilo Thomas plays Principal. Her many credits include American Crime Story, Judging Amy, The Bold and the Beautiful (Alexandra), and more.

Travis Bryant is Malakai (Kai). He’s been on Legacies (Salvatore Student), The Adventures of Kid Danger, Sofia the First, and more.

Cleo Berry is Dirg. His credits include Young & Hungry, Idiotsitter, School of Rock, and more.

Christopher Collins is Blummy. He’s been on Grown-ish, Blood Relatives, and more.

Susan Ortiz is Rayna’s mom. She’s been on Pearson, Criminal Minds, The Young and the Restless, Jane the Virgin, Grey’s Anatomy, and more.

Feodor Chin is Doctor Lance. He’s been on Big Little Lies, Organic Chemistry, Lethal Weapon, The Affair, and more.

Frank Gallegos is Rayna’s Dad. He’s been on No Activity, Legends of Tomorrow, Famous in Love, I’m Dying Up Here, Chance, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Alejandro), General Hospital, Scorpion, Awake, Brothers & Sisters, and more.

Anthony Traina is Nerf Duhall. He’s guest starred on many series including SWAT, Sunshine, Shameless, Timeless, Dating Pains, and more.

Intae Kim is Gete. He’s been on Cupid’s Paradise, Hicksters, How To Get Away with Murder (Det. Fisher), and more.

Lamar Richardson is Tutu. He’s been on Theatre Corner, Bar Songs, Get Happy!, Over My Dead Body, Boardwalk Empire, and more.

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