Who Is Toni Harris from Toyota’s Super Bowl Commercial?

Toni Harris Super Bowl Ad Toyota


Tonight, Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial will have everyone across the country asking: Who is Toni Harris?

The college football player has dreams of playing in the Super Bowl, and today, she’s going to be featured in a commercial as part of the Big Game.

Toni is a defensive back for the East Los Angeles College Huskies. She’s just a sophomore and one of the first non-kickers on a college football roster. In high school, Harris was both a football player and the homecoming queen. The 22-year-old has her associate’s degree in social science and behavioral development with an emphasis in criminal justice.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Harris explains, “I first developed an interest in football when I was four… People around me weren’t too fond of me playing football… What motivates me the most is when people tell me that I can’t. I love to prove people wrong.”

Toni goes on to say, “When Toyota contacted me about the Super Bowl ad, I was literally in the locker room getting ready to get dressed. I heard my phone ding… I saw that they wanted to shoot a Super Bowl commercial. I want to be the first female NFL player,” she says.

Speaking separately to USA Today, Toni said, “I plan to be the first female NFL player… Drafted or undrafted, as long as I get there, with God’s will.”

According to the outlet, the 22-year-old is currently considering four scholarship offers: one from Bethany College, another from Adams State University, and the last two from Graceland University and Kentucky Christian University.

Toni reportedly had to keep her presence in the Super Bowl ad a secret, except for a few close friends and family members.

As she trains in the commercial, a voiceover by Jim Nantz says, “They’ve said a lot of things about Toni Harris. They said she was too small. They said she was too slow, too weak.”

Toni then turns to the cameras, while driving a Toyota, and says, “But I’ve never been a big fan of assumptions.”

The ad will air in the first commercial break of the second quarter. In a statement, the group vice president of Toyota marketing and Toyota Motor North America, said, “The 2019 RAV4 HV is the vehicle that will shatter the perceptions of hybrids, much like how Toni is shattering perceptions of a football player.”

How does she feel with the spotlight on her? “It’s pretty crazy,” Harris said. “It’s overwhelming but exciting at the same time.”

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