Who Was Voted Off ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight?

The Masked Singer Alien


Tonight, six masked singers took to the stage to belt their hearts out. And only five were voted through to the semifinals. The alien was unmasked tonight on The Masked Singer.

And just who was the alien? La Toya Jackson.

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The monster started off the night singing I Love Rock N’ Roll. He shared that he began to spend time away from the spotlight after leading a career where he won a number of awards. Everyone agreed that the monster is a singer. Nicole commented that the rock star did his own thing with it, while Robin said the monster has been his favorite for the past few episodes. Jenny McCarthy thought it could be Lil Jon, while Ken proposed it could be Tommy Davidson.

Next to the stage was the lion. She sang Diamond Heart by Lady Gaga. “She’s got the pipes, man,” Ken exclaimed during the song. The other judges murmured to one another, “I still have no idea who this is.” Who do the judges think it is? Jenny McCarthy thinks it could be Mel B, while Nicole posited it could be Hailee Steinfeld. The lion shared that she has a subscription to a monthly murder mystery game.

The alien was the third to sing. She sang Ex’s & Oh’s and had the judges on their feet. “That was awesome!” Jenny yelled as the song ended. The moment of truth was that she has been on the New York Times Bestseller List twice. Nicole suggested it could be LaToya Jackson, and may have hit the nail on the head there.

The bee, with a voice like honey, then took to the stage. She sang What’s Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner. Everyone screamed “wow” a number of times during the performance. Robin Thicke said that the bee is obviously a living legend and he’s honored to have the bee on the show. Robin Thicke is still convinced it’s Gladys Knight. The bee shared that she has ten Grammys.

The rabbit sang Isn’t She Lovely and the room went wild. The rabbit’s clue was that he has seventeen tattoos on his body. Nicole shared it’s probably JC Chasez. Robin and Nicole suggested it could be Joey Fatone, and may have been right with that.

The peacock was the final performance. He shared that he started his career as a showbiz protege. “I’ve performed on stages… hosted award shows…” The peacock sang I Can’t Feel My Face. Jenny was emphatic that it’s Neil Patrick Harris, before changing her mind to Wayne Brady. The peacock shared that his face has been tattoed on a person’s body. “We are as usual, stumped,” Ken said to close out the night.


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