Who Got Voted Off ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight?

______ Unmasked on 'The Masked Singer'


We don’t know who they are, but we know that they’re talented. The Masked Singer came back tonight with another episode, and two masked celebrities were voted off.

The first singer to go home was the lion, who is none other than Rumer Willis. The rabbit was also unmasked. And just who is the rabbit? Joey Fatone.

The peacock was the first to take to the stage this evening. He sang “Let’s Go” and had the audience on their feet within seconds. The performance was so on point that even Kenan Thompson joked, “Is it Ne-Yo?” What did the judges think? Robin said he thought it was his best yet, and was a fan of him dancing with the crowd. Asked, “Who are you?”, the peacock said, “I have dedicated my life to show business. This mask transforms me into another character.” Nicole thought it was Neil Patrick Harris, while Jenny McCarthy thought it was Donny Osmond.

The monster was next. He shared that he was “vilified and persecuted” for sounding like a ringtone. He then said having his identity stripped away and becoming the monster has given him the comeback he’s been looking for. The monster sang “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. The performance had Nicole crying, telling her fellow judges, “Oh my god, he’s amazing.” What did the other judges think? Ken said he even got choked up, and called the monster a frontrunner in the competition. “He does comedy. He brings a great voice… If you close your eyes… it sounds like we’re listening to one of the best vocalists in the world.” The monster then shared his own story, saying deep down, he’s a father. A husband. A son. A brother. And more than anything else, he’s a person. Robin Thicke guessed it could be Darius Rucker, while Kenan pictured Cee Lo Green.

The third performer to belt out a tune was the lion. She sang “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”. Kenan thought it might be Kelly Rowland, but by the end of the song, had changed his mind. The panel was confused, and everyone admitted they’re dying to know who it is. The lion shared that deep down, she is an advocate, not a victim… a daughter, a sister, someone who has had moments of insecurity… but to sing “in a mask completely changes everything.” Robin Thicke said he’s thought it was Michelle Williams for a while now… while Nicole still had Hailee Steinfeld in mind.

Next was the rabbit, who has been singing as many styles as possible to throw the judges off. Kenan immediately guessed it could be Nick Lachey– and held onto that premonition the entire performance. Lance Bass was Jenny McCarthy’s guess. Nicole Scherzinger said it wasn’t her favorite performance of the rabbit. Asked who the rabbit is, he said he’s very optimistic. He also shared that he’s been in a mask before. Scherzinger suggested it could be Joey Fatone, and was backed by the others, who said, “Totally.”

The last singer of the night was the bee. The bee, who everyone is aware at this point is Gladys Knight, performed her own rendition of “(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman”. The judges felt this performance and praised the bee for her vocal chops. Kenan is fully convinced that it is Gladys Knight, as are the others at this point in time. Ken, however, thinks it could be Patti LaBelle or Anita Baker. Asked who does the bee say she is? Asked about herself, the bee said, “I’m a people person. Behind this mask is difficult… because I’m cut off, in a way, from you.”

Be sure to tune into the finale of The Masked Singer next week on Fox at 9pm ET/PT.