Who Was Voted Off ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight?

who was voted off the masked singer tonight, who was voted off the masked singer


The Masked Singer follows a group of secret celebrities who perform a song for a live audience each week, with their identities concealed under an ornate mask. At the end of their performances, a panel of judges gets to guess who the celebrity is. And by the end of each episode, one masked celebrity is unmasked.

Tonight, the raven was voted off the masked singer. 

The bee, peacock, raven, and monster all performed for the judges tonight. They took the stage together to sing “I Got a Feeling” before splitting into individual performances.

Gladys Knight was the first to perform for the judges. “Wrecking Ball” was the hit song she performed, and Jenny was nearly in tears. Robin Thicke praised the performance, saying he was sure it was Gladys Knight. Ken Jeong (after praising himself) guessed Anita Baker, while Nicole went with Chaka Khan.

The peacock was next to take to the stage. He says that being under a mask has been strange and lonely. By day, he performs as his 176-lb “real self”. He sang “All Of Me” by John Legend, and stole the stage. During the performance, Jenny McCarthy hit the nail on the head, saying it could be Donny Osmond.  Robin Thicke assumed it was Neil Patrick Harris, while Ken suggested a “thin David Hasselhoff.” The peacock’s clue was a wig. He said of the prop, “Because of this wig, I was thrown in jail.” Nicole Scherzinger suggested it could be Wayne Brady.

The raven was the third performer. She explained that it’s been difficult being silent after making a career of talking to people. “Yet being alone with my thoughts has given me time to think about my own story…” she explained. She sang Brave by Sara Bareilles, and had the judges on their feet. Ken commended her performance, while Nicole said that while she doesn’t think she’s a professional singer, she still nailed her notes. For her secret object, the raven brought out an Emmy. Jenny McCarthy suspected Sheryl Underwood, while Robin Thicke said it could be Ricki Lake. Ken suggested Star Jones.

The monster was the last to perform. He said he’s had his share of dark days, but he’s a fighter. What did he belt out? The monster sang “American Woman”, and Nicole exclaimed, “He sounds amazing!” immediately. Robin said the performance was impressive, and he added his own riffs which proved that he’s a seasoned performer. Jeong thinks it’s David Alan Grier, while Nicole suggested Lil Rel. For his revealing item, the monster brought out a headset. “I make my best calls on this headset,” which led Jenny to think he’s a sportscaster.

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