WATCH: Zoe Kravitz’ Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Super Bowl Spot

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Zoe Kravitz is as chill as she could possibly be in a new ad for the Super Bowl. The commercial, which shows Kravitz drinking a Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, is also an ASMR video. Elle writes, “Playing on the viral trend of soothing, tingly tones, the ad has Kravitz whispering into two giant microphones, then opening a bottle of beer in slow motion. All this against a vista of lush green mountains and cascading waterfalls. It’s like a desktop background come to life.”

The ad was directed by Emma Wastenberg, and included a mostly female production team.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold is made with only organic grains and contains just 85 calories per 12 oz. It hopes to target young professionals who “focus on wellness and eat mostly organic food and who might otherwise choose wine or spirits because they believe those options are healthier.”
In her interview with Elle, Kravitz was asked about ASMR (which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), and if she’s one of those people who watches the YouTube videos to calm down. She says, “I find ASMR really interesting. I’m still figuring out my relationship with it. It definitely grabs my attention. It makes me focus a lot more. I want to know how it makes me feel, because I’m not sure yet. But I also loved the concept for this ad, because it’s like, can a commercial be an experience for somebody instead of just an ad? That’s so weird and so interesting.”

Interestingly enough, Kravitz said she channeled Bonnie from Big Little Lies to pull off the commercial.” I was trying to go to my calmest place, my Bonnie place—when she’s teaching yoga. I was like, ‘Remember the intention. This is supposed to relax people. Be safe, be good, be tingly.'”

As CNBC notes, US alcohol has continued to fall as Americans turn away from beer. Since it’s launch, however, Pure Gold has succeeded in getting people to choose beer over wine and spirits. The outlet writes, “Since its launch, a few weeks after last year’s Super Bowl, Pure Gold has surpassed $59 million in sales, said Azania Andrews, vice president of Michelob Ultra. She estimates that 8 percent of Pure Gold’s volume is coming from consumers who are new to the category.”

Andrews added, “You can anticipate that kind of growth to continue… We’ve just scratched the surface for Pure Gold.”

Kravitz, 31, rose to fame in 2011, starring as Angel Salvadore in the superhero film X-Men: First Class. She then went on to appear in The Divergent Series. As a model, she has walked for Venus Zine and Elle.

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