Adam Lind Update: Chelsea Houska DeBoer’s Ex Baby Daddy Today

Chelsea Houska and Aubree


Today, Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska DeBoer is a mother of three, married to husband Cole DeBoer. Chelsea and Cole have two young children together, and Cole is step-father to Chelsea’s 9-year-old daughter Aubree, who she had with her ex Adam Lind in 2009. On the show, Chelsea has been honest about her and her daughter’s difficult relationship with Adam.

The synopsis for tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom 2, entitled “This Can Go One of Two Ways,” reads “Barbara flies to New York to meet with Jace’s dad; Adam’s parents break the rules of their custody agreement with Chelsea; Lux’s dad surprises Kailyn at Lincoln’s birthday party after a big fight; Briana takes a family trip.”

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Radar Online reported that Adam Lind lost custody of Aubree in January 2018, and that his visitation with Aubree was modified from bi-weekly visits under the supervision of Adam’s mother Donna to visits in a designated visitation center. Later that year, In Touch Weekly reported that Adam went to his parents’ house to see Aubree during one of her visits with them; a source told Radar Online “Chelsea let his parents have her for a couple of hours. It wasn’t their time to have her… [Chelsea is] livid and won’t do that anymore. These grandparents haven’t learned a d–n thing. [One] can definitely tell where Adam gets the rules and law don’t apply to him attitude.”

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported in September 2018 that Lind signed away his parental rights for his younger daughter, Paislee, who he shared with ex Taylor Halbur. Halbur’s husband legally adopted Paislee after Lind’s decision was finalized.

Lind’s last Instagram photo was posted on November 30, 2016; the post was a black and white photo of a masked man with a microphone holding up the middle finger, and its caption read “For those haters out there creeping off your friends ig… I see you :).” Earlier that day, he posted a photo of Paislee painting his nails, and captioned it “When a lil girl wants to paint your nails… you better sit your butt down and let her.” His Instagram bio still reads “Father of Aubree Skye & Paislee Mae” and includes his ex-fiancée Stasialynn’s name with a heart next to it.

According to In Touch Weekly, Stasia issued a 5-year restraining order against Lind, which followed his arrest for alleged domestic violence. Stasia claimed in court documents that “While under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and steroids, he fractured my forearm, locked me in the house saying I couldn’t leave, smashed my phone and once he realized what he had done, he broke down crying and took me to the ER. We broke up for a while after that.”

In Touch Weekly also reported that Lind was arrested and “charged with “violation of a stalking protection order,” “violation of protection or no contact order,” and “non-support of a minor child” in May 2018. His ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton, like Stasia, has a restraining order against him and they report he failed to make child support payments to Taylor Halbur while Paislee was still legally his child.

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