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AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen are still together and going strong, as seen in the eighth season of Married at First Sight. The couple communicates well, has a lot in common and has shown how solid their relationship is, with Vollmoeller admitting that they were falling in love by their one-month anniversary.

“It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in a very, very long time — a feeling that honestly I had forgotten what it felt like. Since I’ve been in love, it’s been like six or seven years,” Vollmoeller said during an appearance on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered.

Married at First Sight: AJ and Stephanie Are Married (Season 8) | LifetimeLike Married at First Sight? Catch our new series Marrying Millions, Wednesdays at 10/9c, right after MAFS! Strangers AJ and Stephanie meet for the first time at the alter and tie the knot in this clip from Season 8, Episode 1, "First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love Pt.1." #MarriedAtFirstSight Subscribe for more from Married at…2019-01-07T16:59:56.000Z

He continued: “And I hadn’t even dated in that time, so it wasn’t even like I was on that path or had feelings or ‘heavy like’ for somebody. I completely forgot what that feeling was like, and it’s just the most amazing thing ever.”

Although the couple hasn’t actually said “I love you” yet on the show, Vollmoeller said he is working up the courage to say it, according to Reality TV World. He says he still has some reservations and insecurities, but he is falling for Sersen hard and fast.

“Am I over the top of the mountain yet? No. I have some guards up, but at the same time, I have more guards down than I do up because I have confidence she’s not going to — in two or three or six months, or whatever it is — decide she has a fear of commitment,” he insisted.

Married at First Sight: Unfiltered host Jamie Otis then asked him what’s holding him back. “There’s nothing holding me back. We’re taking it day by day, and saying, ‘I love you,’ is something that comes out naturally. You can’t plan for it,” Vollmoeller explained. “Everything is accelerated in this process, but you can’t accelerate the heart. You can’t accelerate falling in love.”

Married at First Sight: AJ Is Hangry, Steph Is Indecisive (Season 8) | LifetimeLike Married at First Sight? Catch our new series Marrying Millions, Wednesdays at 10/9c, right after MAFS! Conflict arises when AJ wants to eat but Steph cannot make up her mind about where they should go in this clip from Season 8, Episode 7, "Can I Trust You?" #MarriedAtFirstSight Subscribe for more from Married at…2019-02-14T19:00:16.000Z

Vollmoeller took a leap of faith by trusting the experts behind Married at First Sight, and married Sersen when he first met her – at the alter. Although he didn’t even know his wife’s first name, they went ahead and tied the knot and got to know each other afterwards, where they found out they meshed quite well; they both love to travel, have a similar sense of humor and connected easily over their shared interests. Vollmoeller can’t help but gush about his wife when asked how the pair are adjusting to married life.

“There’s nothing that aggravates me about her. There’s nothing that is a real dealbreaker or anything that I see becoming an issue. She has no bad habits or any of my pet peeves or anything,” he said on another episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered.

For their one-month anniversary, Sersen surprised her husband with a collage photo frame featuring images of the happy couple together, and he admitted to being taken aback and getting emotional over the thoughtful gift.

“I like it. I’m so happy things are working out like this, that somebody is putting in the effort for me. I’ve always been the one putting in the effort, and to be on the receiving end of it, it’s emotional.”

The couple is one of the strongest couple’s on the reality show, according to voters, who believe they are the most likely couple to be able to make things work in the end.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesday at 10/9c on Lifetime. Tune in to catch the rest of season eight and to keep following Vollmoeller and Sersen’s story.

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