April Fools’ Pranks for Teachers & When Students Pull Pranks at School 2019

April Fools Pranks For Teachers


April Fools’ Day 2019 is here and if you’re hoping to play some pranks on your teachers, this could be your big opportunity. But, be sure to keep in mind that there may be consequences that come along with your jokes. Make sure that you take into consideration how strict your teachers are or your school is before you act. Now let’s get into some ideas for your April Fools’ pranks, whether you’re the student or the teacher.


– A couple of pranks that you could pull may involve class work. You can surprise everyone with a fake pop quiz, with difficult or impossible questions to answer, which is a fun idea. You could also request that everyone turn in an assignment you never actually asked them to do. This will cause confusion and panic.

– If you would like to pull a prank on your students THIS YEAR, WeAreTeachers.com has a great idea to make your students believe you are being questioned by the FBI. You might want to clear this with your superior first though. And, be sure to have your cell phone out in plain view, where at least one or two of your students can read whatever name comes up. Program one of your contacts in your phone with a name like “Detective Peterson” or “FBI”. Have that friend/contact call you and act suspiciously as you rush to the corner of the room, while on the phone. Say things that make you sound like you’re under investigation. Shortly after, leave the room for at least 30 seconds to let the kids stir into a little frenzy. Then, give up the game whenever you feel like it. You may want to let the cat out of the bag before your kids start calling their parents.

– If you’re a teacher who hands out candy (depending on the guidelines at your school) to your class, then this idea from Little Things, is a good one. Wrap baby carrots in tootsie roll wrappers or other vegetables in lollipop wrappers.

– At the beginning of class, assign an insane amount of homework that would be nearly impossible for your students to complete by the next class. Let them stew for the rest of the class and then let them in on the joke by the end of the class or school day.


– Before your teacher gets in the room or if your teacher leaves for a moment, turn all the desks around to face the back of the room and then go back to business as usual, like nothing happened. If you want to get even more creative, move the teacher’s desk to the back of the room too so that it still faces the students’ desks.

– Never underestimate the power of classics like fake bugs, a whoopie cushion or a fake secret admirer note. These are great, as long as your teacher has a good sense of humor.

– You could take something that your teacher needs in order to teach the class and have a scavenger hunt for them to find it. You could also try hiding all of the chalk and/or pens in the room as an easy prank.

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