Brittainy Taylor on Very Cavallari: Who is the Uncommon James Manager?

Brittainy Taylor

Instagram Brittainy Taylor, one of the cast members of Very Cavallari, helped Kristin Cavallari launch her “Uncommon James” jewelry line. She is the store manager of Uncommon James.

Brittainy Taylor, one of the cast members of Very Cavallari, helped Kristin Cavallari launch her “Uncommon James” jewelry line. Taylor is very up-to-speed on the most current fashion trends and has been intrinsic to helping Cavallari open the brand’s first physical store in Tennessee.

As store manager of Uncommon James, Taylor plays a key role in keeping the business afloat by ensuring the business’ success, all while making a name for herself in the process. During a series preview clip, Taylor said that she believes she was hired because she is a hard worker is “really good at laying down the hammer.” Although she admits that she faced some uphill battles working with the staff at the Tennessee store, she has so far found success with her managing style.

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In a preview clip from Very CavallariTaylor introduced herself as a Philadelphia native with a disdain for what she sees as “disingenuous Southern charm,” according to Bustle.

“When I first moved here, it was really difficult for me to navigate because you have these Southern belles that smile in your face and then they say ‘Bless your heart,’ which literally means, like, ‘you’re an idiot,'” she said in the clip. She also claims to be more interested in direct communication, explaining that she “would say ‘f*ck you’ before I say ‘bless your heart.'”

Taylor enjoys vacationing at various beaches and islands around the world, and considers herself an “Islomaniac” according to Bustle. Her Instagram page is filled with pictures of the 30-year-old visiting different tropical islands, working on her fitness and checking out giant trees, which she is also passionate about.

Taylor enjoys many “adventure sports and never misses a chance to take part in them,” Earn The Necklace reports. She also loves to travel, go rock climbing and hiking, and just be outdoors in general.

She is also known as an assertive personality on the show. Judging by her preference of direct communication (i.e. telling someone “f–k you” over lying to their faces), and some of the heated arguments she’s been in with her boyfriend on the show, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Taylor is currently involved with musician Jon Stone, and the two have been a couple for the last three years, according to ETN. Stone is a singer and songwriter and works with John Gurney, the boyfriend of one of the cast members of Very Cavallari.

According to Bustle, Very Cavallari is Taylor’s first foray into reality television, and although the show revolves mainly around Cavallari, the focus will also be on her staff, which pushes them all into the spotlight and gives them all a chance to make an impression on viewers. Some fans even speculate that Taylor could get her own spinoff show one day, if she plays her cards right.

Very Cavallari premieres on E! at 10/9c, so tune in to follow Cavallari, Taylor and the rest of the team to see how the season unfolds.

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