Cassie Randolph’s Dad Matt Surprises Her on ‘The Bachelor’

Cassie Randolph Dad


Cassie Randolph’s dad, Matt, voiced concerns during the hometown dates on The Bachelor 2019. He said that he wasn’t convinced his daughter was ready for a proposal. He told her that she’s only 23 years old and there’s nothing wrong with waiting. Matt also had reservations about the intentions of Bachelor star Colton Underwood.

During the hometowns, Randolph’s father sat down with Underwood and said to him, “I think that a lifelong commitment, that’s big and shouldn’t be taken at all lightly because it is forever in my opinion. Too often I think it’s done without enough thought. As far as the hand in marriage, that would be a premature blessing.” Matt also told the cameras what he thought of Underwood. Matt bluntly said, “I didn’t have a strong initial opinion of Colton because I don’t like to draw judgment to quickly. I could tell Colton was being affectionate with Cassie. I don’t know if that’s what he does with all the girls he goes out with. We don’t know him. He seemed like a … guy.” Matt didn’t exactly give Underwood his permission to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Prior to meeting Randolph’s family, Underwood told the cameras, “I can picture our future together, and I’m feeling very excited about meeting Cassie’s family ’cause I’m falling in love with her.”

Cassie's Bombshell Surprise Visit – The BachelorThe Bachelor 2019 Colton Underwood Season 23 (Episode 9)2019-03-04T16:22:46.000Z

On the overnight dates episode, Randolph’s dad, Matt, made a surprise visit to his daughter, as he wants to make sure his daughter is making the right decision for herself. Randolph does admit to him that she wishes she had more time with Underwood before a proposal is expected. Matt doesn’t think his daughter is ready for marriage and we have spoilers on this below. If you do NOT want to know Randolph’s reaction to her dad’s visit, or what to expect from her on the overnight dates episode, STOP READING NOW.

Well, Cassie Randolph’s father was right. According to Reality Steve, she was not ready to get engaged and got cold feet. She reportedly leaves the show and Underwood is heartbroken, but he goes after her, dumping the other two women.

Prior to Randolph’s admission about her true feelings to Underwood, her intentions on the show were questioned by other contestants, who accused her of saying she wasn’t ready to get engaged. Ultimately, their accusations turned out to be the truth, as Randolph proved to not be ready to tie the knot.

During the overnight dates episode, Matt told his daughter he couldn’t give Underwood his blessing after only meeting him for a half hour. He told the cameras he wanted his daughter to go into this situation with her eyes open. He also told Randolph that she seemed “conflicted”. He then revealed to Randolph that Underwood confessed to him that he’s falling in love with her.

Randolph became emotional when talking to her father and said that it scares her to make it to the end, accepting a big proposal. But, she said she also wasn’t ready for “it to be over” with Underwood.

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