How Cassie Randolph’s Family Affected Her Decision on The Bachelor?

Cassie Randolph via Instagram Cassie Randolph and her family.

While receiving a father’s blessing to marry his daughter may seem archaic in today’s society, it’s still a long-held tradition that many families continue to hold dear, and for Cassie Randolph, it was the lynchpin of whether or not she would accept a marriage proposal from Colton Underwood on The Bachelor.

Cassie’s relationship with her family is incredibly tight, and the core of their shared relationship stems from the fact that they all only want the best for one another. So, when Cassie’s father Matt Randolph didn’t give Colton his blessing to marry Cassie during Hometown Dates, and then flew halfway across the world before the Overnights to remind his daughter that even if she is starring on the most famous dating reality show on TV, she should never feel pressured to jump into an engagement.

This surprise visit shook Cassie to her core. Cassie was waffling on whether or not her feelings for Colton could turn into the forever kind of love, and her father’s presence reminded her that the entire Randolph family, including sister Michelle, brother Randall, and mother Amy — they all have Cassie’s back, and will love her unconditionally no matter what she decides.

Michelle Randolph, a week after Cassie’s dramatic break-up episode aired, posted a photo with her sister on Instagram with the caption: “People ask me all the time how my sister and I are so close. And honestly it’s because she’s the kindest/most genuine person I know. Growing up, I followed her around (as younger sisters do) and copied her every move. Instead of getting annoyed and mad at me, she always encouraged and included me (and still does today). I mean it when I say I have the best sister/best friend in the world. I’m so proud of you for putting your heart out there and for always being true to yourself. I’ll always look up to you big sissy.”

With that kind of support firmly planted in her heart, she was finally able to confront Colton about her true feelings, and walk away.

During the Part I of the finale, while Cassie was packing her things to go, she told cameras, “I can’t handle the pressure of taking something could be really special for him… away. I can’t wait to be with family and friends back home, and move on with my life.”

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