Colton Underwood’s Top 5 Best Instagram Photos 2019

The Bachelor Spoilers 2019

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Colton Underwood, The Bachelor‘s 23rd bachelor on the show, is definitely not camera shy, and judging by the more than 700 Instagram posts on his personal account, he doesn’t mind flashing his dazzling smile for his fans.

For those who need a little recap of the season, Underwood started the season as a virgin bachelor, which shouldn’t come as a surprise if you are a hardcore Bachelor fan, as the show is really invested in his sexually-pure, virgin storyline this season. He’s made it down to his final three contestants – Cassie Randolph, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin – and the final episode of the season airs tonight.

With the final season of The Bachelor coming to a close, we wanted to look back through the last couple months’ worth of photos and videos the bachelor has posted on his account. Check out our top five favorite Instagram pics of Underwood below:

1. Best Friends For Life

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best friends for life ?

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Not only does Underwood have two adorable pups, he posts weekly photos of his doggos on his Instagram page. Colton’s dog Sniper is the true love of his life and has been with Underwood for 14 years, followed closely by Thor, his German Shepherd. Both of his dogs even have their own Insta pages!

2. Valentine’s Day Loving

Who wouldn’t want a valentine to look at you the way Underwood looks at his puppers? The ladies vying for Underwood’s love on The Bachelor definitely have some competition, because the love he has for his dogs is so real and obvious that it’s difficult to imagine him looking at anybody else that way.

3. Sweet Puppy Cuddles

This picture broke our hearts as much as it warmed them. As sweet as it is to see Underwood cuddling the sick pup, who clearly needed some snuggles, we hate to think about the dog’s circumstances that landed him in the hospital. At least Underwood was there to make him feel loved and safe in those big, muscly arms of his.

4. More Puppy Cuddles

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Morning snuggles with my family. ❤️✌?

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If you haven’t noticed by now, our favorite pictures of Underwood don’t involve him topless and working out or standing sensually by the window pondering the meaning of life in Singapore. We love the pictures of him with his pets, because compassion for animals is one of the sexiest qualities any human can have.

5. Deep Doggo Conversations

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deep convo w/ the dog

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The video above shows Underwood having some deep, difficult conversations with Harvey the dog, and although Underwood is pouring his heart and soul out to the dog, Harvey doesn’t seem to care too much. You’re in for a good laugh as Underwood asks Harvey if the ladies are really there to find love, what the promo poster means when it asks what Underwood has to lose, and why the ladies crack virgin jokes.

Tune in to ABC on Monday nights, at 8/7c to watch the rest of the season of The Bachelor 2019.

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