Colton Underwood Jumping the Fence: Most Hilarious Memes & Jokes

Disney ABC 'The Bachelor' star Colton Underwood

Ever since episode 1 of The Bachelor Season 23 first aired January, and ABC premiered a lengthy teaser which included footage of leading man Colton Underwood ripping off his mic and jumping over a fence, it’s been the No. 1 topic of conversation. When will he jump? Why did he jump? Fans have been pondering these questions the entire season and now, the climactic moment is finally here.

While Cassie’s sudden realization that she’s not ready to marry sends Colton flying over the fence to stop her from leaving was a seriously dramatic for The Bachelor, for fans watching at home, it was a reminder that Bachelor Nation Twitter can be more fun to watch than the show itself. The memes and jokes spawned by Colton’s wildly erratic yet, physically impressive maneuver over an extremely tall white fence came in hot, and they were hilarious.

Between the ridiculously long wait to finally see this scene happen, and learning the reasons as to why it happened, which at this point wasn’t a huge shocker, it was apparent to literally everyone but Colton that Cassie wasn’t in love him, she even said as such to his face on camera, but he was not taking this “surprise” rejection sitting down. No, no. Colton took it flying over a fence.

Here are the best memes and jokes stemming from one the biggest cliffhangers in Bachelor history…

Because both Colton and producers teased fans every week this this week’s episode would be when he jumped, people started calling their bluff, comparing this event to Billy McFarland and the best music festival that never happened, Fyre Fest.

Honestly, fans were fed up.

Throughout this season, Colton both bungee jumped and jumped out of a plane, but there’s only one jump fans actually cared to see.

Seriously, though.

The wait went on seemingly forever.

Viewers started to believe maybe the whole clip was an edit hoax.

Naturally, the fence jump would be the final last scene of the episode.

Colton shouldn’t go running to Cassie’s family for help, either. They’re not huge fans of their 23-year-old daughter getting engaged to the reality TV star.

Where did he even get the idea to jump? Toby from The Office?

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