Cote de Pablo Mum on ‘NCIS’ Return & Fans Wonder if ‘She’ Isn’t Ziva David

Cote de Pablo return


Cote de Pablo hasn’t spoken out about the rumors that she may be returning to NCIS. The actress has remained mum following a recent episode of the hit drama in which fans believe proved that her character, Ziva David, is still alive.

It has been a couple of weeks since that episode aired and fans still find themselves wondering if a more in-depth Ziva storyline will happen in the not-so-distant future. As previously reported by Heavy, however, it’s unlikely that de Pablo will return to the show for a number of reasons.

For starters, de Pablo chose to leave NCIS because she wanted to take her career in a different direction. While it’s possible that she may agree to return — even if it’s just for a few episodes — it seems like she’s left NCIS in the past.

Another reason that de Pablo probably won’t return is that her supposed whereabouts on the show must be kept a secret — it’s what she asked Ellie Bishop in the note that she left, after all (you can read more about that here).

It’s entirely possible that NCIS writers wanted viewers to receive a bit of closure when it comes to Ziva. When de Pablo announced her decision to leave the program, Ziva’s character was written off and many believed that she died, despite not having any hard proof (she was involved in a terrorist bombing but her remains were never found).

As the weeks go by, more fan theories are arising and the internet has been aflutter with random rumors about Ziva and “She.” Some fans are still convinced that “She” is Ziva and many are wondering if anyone else knows that she’s alive. As CarterMatt points out, wouldn’t Gibbs or McGee know for certain if Ziva was dead? Or maybe they have been covering for her.

“They know Ziva extremely well and they understand her skill set. If there was no body found at the site of her ‘death’ that properly matched her DNA 100%, wouldn’t they still suspect something? Heck, wouldn’t they suspect something anyway? The biggest reason why we never felt Ziva was really dead is that her death (as presented on the show) felt too easy. It didn’t feel like the way someone like Ziva would leave this Earth. This suspicion had to cross their minds as well,” CarterMatt presents.

And then there’s the rumor that “She” isn’t actually Ziva at all. Could viewers soon learn that “She” is someone else completely? It’s possible.

Showrunners have been quiet on upcoming plots and there hasn’t been any official word about Ziva since “She” aired. As of now, it’s all a mystery and it’s entirely possible that David has come up — perhaps for ratings — in passing only. Fans will have to wait and see if Ziva becomes more of a “thing” this season.

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