Courtney Curtis Fights With Demi Burnett on The Bachelor Women Tell All

Courtney Curtis, Demi Burnett Fight, The Bachelor

ABC Courtney Curtis and Demi Burnett argue on Women Tell All.

Courtney Curtis and Demi Burnett have reportedly carried their feud outside of this season of The Bachelor, and according to the previews for tonight’s episode of Women Tell All, their drama heats up even further.

For those who need a recap, during the earlier part of this season’s Bachelor, Curtis and Burnett butted heads often. The week 4 episode shows the two ladies arguing about whether or not Curtis should be more forward with Underwood. Curtis was angry that Underwood had taken “alone” time with every one of the girls on the group date except for her, so Burnett tried to give her some advice and urged Curtis to go and talk to Underwood before time runs out.

Demi Calls Out Courtney As The 'Cancer Of The House'! | The Bachelor USWith tensions rising between Demi and Courtney it was only a matter of time before it kicked off big time. Demi reveals to Colton that Courtney is like the 'cancer of the house', and it wasn't taken lightly. ➤ Subscribe ➤ #TheBachelor Season: 23 Episode: 4 Bachelor: Colton Underwood ➤ Want more #ColtonUnderwood ?…2019-01-29T03:00:01Z

“I went up there and I had to talk to him about something I didn’t want to talk to him about, and I feel really good about it. At the end of the day, you can’t make excuses. You just have to act because if not, it’s not going to be good,” Burnett explained.

However, Curtis was hoping Underwood would come talk to her on his own, and didn’t take Burnett’s advice. Instead, she got angry when Burnett went and talked to Underwood alone for a second time. Although the rest of the bachelorettes were trying to encourage Curtis to go talk to Underwood before she missed her chance, she choose instead to get into a verbal confrontation with Burnett.

Burnett became defensive after Curtis confronted her, and cited Curtis’s “rude” behavior toward her during their earlier interaction. Curtis then suggested Burnett lacked a certain level of “maturity.” Later on in the evening, ahead of the rose ceremony, Burnett talked to Underwood and referred to Curtis as “the cancer of the house” and suggested the bachelorette attacked her. When Curtis approached Underwood, she also claimed Burnett wasn’t “here for the right reasons.”

Curtis was ultimately sent home that evening, and Burnett was able to stick it out with Underwood for a few more episodes before she too got the boot. However, the ladies will be face-to-face once again during tonight’s special episode titled Women Tell All, and, according to reports and clips from tonight’s show, the ladies butt heads once more.

The preview for the “Women Tell All” shared on Twitter shows that Burnett and Curtis battle it out once again during Tuesday’s special. Burnett spends some time in the “hot seat” on stage next to host Chris Harrison, but the segment is apparently pretty mellow, with Burnett mostly talking about her mother.

Later on in the evening, however, the ladies go head-to-head once more, according to Reality Steve, who says their drama gets wild. By the looks of some of the Bachelor promos, Curtis actually gets up out of her seat to approach Burnett and shoves a baby pacifier into her mouth, who inevitably throws it back at Curtis.

What do you think about the drama between Curtis and Burnett? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in tonight for the Women Tell All special, which airs on ABC at 8/7c.

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