David on 60 Days In: What You Need to Know

Sheriff Mark Lamb, 60 Days In

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David, one of seven undercover inmates on the fifth season of 60 Days In, blew his cover and put the operation at risk earlier this season. He will be confronted on the reunion special, which features the reality show’s season 5 cast and airs at 9/8c tonight.

For those who need a refresher, the docu-series 60 Days In follows a group of volunteers who willingly enter into the prison system for two months to help uncover illegal and controversial activities involving other inmates. The volunteers are given a fictional name and backstory to keep their cover, and help find illegal substances and other forbidden objects correctional officers may have missed while doing searches.

David was a perfect candidate to go undercover. According to his bio on A&E, he was raised by his grandmother due to his parents’ dangerous lifestyle. His father was a drug dealer who spent time in federal prison, and David inevitably grew up in a high-crime Midwestern city and he spent much of his time on the streets. However, he realized he was heading down a dark path and decided to turn his life around by joining law enforcement.

“From hustling the streets to patrolling them, David is not your average police officer,” his bio reads. “David plans to use his investigative skills, along with his street savvy, to help the Sheriff learn how drugs are getting in and out of the facility.”

You can read more about David below, courtesy of A&E:

David had a rough start to life. His parents, who came to the U.S. from the slums of Jamaica, were unfit to raise him. His mother left him in the care of his grandmother when he was just three because of her dangerous lifestyle. His father, a drug dealer, served time in federal prison. David grew up in a high-crime area of a midwestern city and spent a good portion of his time in the streets.

Knowing he could easily go down the wrong path, David surprised himself and joined law enforcement. He quickly learned the positive impact he could have on his struggling community through the job. His past involvement in the streets gives him an edge in navigating situations other officers shy away from, and he considers himself one of the toughest men ever to wear the uniform. David is clear-eyed about the problems plaguing law enforcement, and wants to change the system from the inside out.

The Sheriff has tasked David with the mission of evaluating the drug scene inside the jail. David is confident that he can fly under the radar, make strong connections and complete his undercover mission to make the jail a safer place for officers and inmates alike, which aligns with his personal goals and the oath he took as an officer.

David and the rest of the participants will have the chance to meet face to face to confront one another during tonight’s special episode. TV Guide’s synopsis for the special event episode reads “For the first time, all seven participants will meet with the Sheriff and his team to discuss the craziest moments from their time in the Pinal County Jail.” Joining David will be Sheriff Mark Lamb, Steve, Brooke, Abner, Jazmyn, Vivian, and Mark.

Greg Henry, Executive Producer of 60 Days In, discussed the challenges of season five with TV Insider, saying “Every participant had to navigate a world where affiliation and race dictated the rules of engagement — something few of them had ever experienced.” He continued: “this is the first time we had our participants meet each other before going in, which added another level of pressure and commitment for them to obtain valuable info for jail officials.”

Tune in tonight to catch the reunion special on A&E at 9/c.

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