No One Won Tonight’s March 23, 2019 Powerball; Jackpot Growing to $750 Million

The Powerball drawing for Saturday, March 23, 2019, has reached $625 million. This may not be the largest jackpot in Powerball’s history (which was $1.6 billion in January 2016), but it’s the fourth largest and the biggest jackpot we’ve had yet in 2019. It typically takes Powerball about one to two hours to process all the tickets and announce if someone won. The results were announced around 12:30 a.m. Eastern. No one won tonight’s Powerball. Because no one won, the jackpot will grow and is estimated to reach $750 million for Wednesday’s drawing. 

Powerball updates its website once it’s known if someone won. The website reads “Pending” until the results are known.

The winning numbers for tonight were 24 – 25 -52 – 60 -66 and a red Powerball of 5. The Power Play was 3x.

The odds of winning are one in 292.2 million, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Powerball’s largest jackpot winners include a $1.6 billion jackpot in January 2016 and a $758.7 million jackpot in August 2017. Saturday’s jackpot was projected to be the fourth-largest in Powerball’s history, unless more played than expected.

Tonight’s Powerball is expected to reach at least $625 million. The cash value is $380.6 million. About $91.3 million of that would go to federal taxes. So even before state taxes, you’d be down to $289.3 million.

In order to win the Powerball jackpot tonight, you have to match all five white balls in any order, and you have to match the red Powerball number too.

If you only match one of the white balls tonight, you won’t win any money. But if you only match one number and it happens to be the red Powerball, you’ll walk away with $4. Not a lot, but enough to buy yourself a couple more tickets. Here’s how the other matches work. If you match all five white balls, in any order, but not the Powerball, then you’ll get $1 million. If you match four out of five of the white balls and the Powerball, you’ll win $50,000. The amount you win drops dramatically after this. You have two ways to win $100: either match four out of five of the white balls OR match three white balls and the Powerball. Next is your shot at $7. You’ll win $7 if you either match three out of five of the white balls OR you match two white balls and the Powerball. Last is your shot at $4, which you could use to buy two more Powerball tickets if you wanted. You’ll get this if you match one white ball and the Powerball OR if you just match the Powerball.

Powerball is played in 44 states in the U.S., plus D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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