Does Colton Underwood Have Sex on the Overnight Dates?

The Bachelor finale


Tonight is the penultimate episode of The Bachelor, and fans can’t wait to watch Colton head into the overnight dates. Last week, the reality TV star said goodbye to Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and now, only three lucky ladies remain- Hannah G, Tayshia, and Cassie.

What will go down on tonight’s episode? And does Colton lose his virginity on one of the overnight dates? 

Here’s what we know.

Colton has mentioned that he’s a virgin time and time again, but says he doesn’t want it to be at the epicenter of the season. That hasn’t kept the show from creating ads based on his virginity, including a spinoff of The 40-Year-Old Virgin promotional poster. But in the end, the former football pro is ok with ABC’s marketing. Back in January, he told the Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t mind making light of it and having fun with it — I can roll with the punches… I’m used to locker room banter, and I can have fun with that side of things. Of course night one was maybe over the top, but it was also nice to have those jokes and be able to laugh and smile. That first night can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming, so moments like that have allowed me to stay loose and in the moment.”

Regarding his virginity, Colton is reported by TV Guide as saying, “I always said from the beginning I’m waiting for the right heart and I’m waiting for someone that I feel like I can spend the rest of my life with to share that moment with. And I think that’s what The Bachelor’s all about, is trying to find that. And I would obviously, by answering that question, be spoiling the rest of the season, and I wouldn’t want to do that for you.”

So, it seems Colton is remaining tight-lipped when it comes to the question of whether his virginity has been taken. He states, “I will say this season wasn’t the easiest for me… But it allowed me to grow, and I think this is going to be an unbelievable season and I can’t wait for everybody to go on this journey with me.”

In January, TMZ caught Colton leaving his hotel in NYC. They asked him whether or not he’s a virgin, and Colton totally avoided the question, once again leaving the virginity speculation shrouded in mystery. At one point, Colton said, “It’s part of who I am, a small part of who I am, so if people want to run with that they can, but there’s a lot more to me. It’s also one of those things that you’ll have to tune in for.”

Clearly, Colton isn’t willing to hand over much details. But one exciting spoiler we can tell you about what’s coming up is that it does not go as planned. Colton will be dumbfounded by one of his frontrunner’s decisions, left to do nothing other than… jump a fence. What will go down on the remaining episodes of The Bachelor? 

Be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm ET/PT on ABC to find out.