Who Is Dylan McKay’s Wife Who Was Killed on ‘Beverly Hills 90210’?

Dylan McKay Wife Died


On February 28, 2019, it was announced that there would be a reboot of Beverly Hills 90210, but Luke Perry, who played the character Dylan, had not signed on for the gig, as reported by USA Today. Perry currently stars on the hit show Riverdale and he appears to have greatly moved on from his 90210 days. While on the show, there was a point that he left for a while and then returned down the road. He even appeared on another revival of the show. But, it didn’t sound like he was going to be a part of this recent edition of the show.

Luke Perry played heartthrob character Dylan McKay, who was a bad boy with a good heart on 90210. He started off on the series dating Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty) and ended up dating her best friend Kelly (Jennie Garth). But, he never settled down with either of them.

In an attempt to seek revenge for the death of his father, McKay began following the daughter of the man who killed his dad. McKay soon fell in love with Antonia “Toni” Marchette, who was played by actress Rebecca Gayheart. McKay was conflicted but was willing to adjust to life with Marchette, though her dad had his father murdered. Marchette distanced herself from her dad and married McKay, but soon, McKay’s world would come crashing down. One of the men in the entourage of Marchette’s dad, Bruno, overheard that he had plans to kill McKay.

Bruno had a soft spot for Marchette and repeatedly tried to call and warn her, but he was unsuccessful. McKay had agreed to meet with Marchette’s dad. When heading out to meet him, the plan was for him to be shot to death. But, there was a change of plans. It was raining out and the couple’s new kitten named Trouble couldn’t be found. Marchette told McKay that she would go to meet her father instead.

Meanwhile, Bruno was able to get in touch with McKay’s best friend, Brandon Walsh, and warn him about the plans. Walsh raced over to McKay’s home and was relieved to see his friend was safe. But, the two quickly realized that McKay’s new wife could be in danger since she was driving to meet Marchette in place of McKay. Marchette was also driving McKay’s car and it was dark out.

Antonias death 0001This video is the tragic moment where Antonia dies. She gets shot by some of her fathers men, who really were sent to shoot Dylan. But as sad as it is, Dylan and Antonia change the orginal plans. It really was Dylan who were suppose to be in that car, driving to Antonia fathers house,…2008-12-11T21:25:38.000Z

As Marchette traveled to meet her dad, her car was cut off by the men hired to kill McKay. Not being able to see that the driver was Marchette, the hired guns shot through the windshield of the car before fleeing the scene. Marchette died in the car.

McKay and Walsh just missed them and found Marchette dead, as her body fell out of the car, into McKay’s arms. McKay was stricken with guilt, as was Marchette’s father, both men feeling responsible for Toni’s dying. McKay said they were even and he left town, leaving the show for years.

The same day as the announcement of the 90210 reboot, Perry suffered a stroke and was taken to the hospital, where he remains sedated, according to TMZ.

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