Heather Sanders: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Heather Sanders - Kylie Jenner

Heather Sanders - Instagram

Reports about Jordyn Woods reuniting with Kylie Jenner left some puzzled, as the Woods scandal and bruise are still in a very tender and raw stage.

‘Huh, Jenner and Woods are hanging out already?’ some wondered. As it turns out: no. No, they are not.

Jenner and Woods have not been seen hanging out anywhere in public recently. The gal pal who was spotted hanging with Jenner recently was Heather Sanders–who may look a little(?) like Woods, but is not Woods.

In a case of “all of a certain group of people do NOT look like,” Sanders has been mistaken for Woods, and fans want to know more details about whom exactly Sanders is.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Reports Initially Confused Heather Sanders for Jordyn Woods, Stating That Kylie Jenner Had “Reunited” With the Latter

Several online news outlets claimed that Kylie Jenner had reunited with Jordyn Woods again.

E! for example, had to post a correction.

“UPDATE: The friend Kylie Jenner was having breakfast with was not, in fact, Jordyn Woods, but rather her friend Heather Sanders, E! News has learned,”  the publication posted here.

Apparently, the news outlets had confused Sanders for Woods.

They may bear a resemblance, but they are not, in fact, the same person.

View this post on Instagram

Happy birthday to a real one @jordynwoods

A post shared by Heather Sanders (@heathersanders_) on Sep 24, 2017 at 1:39pm PDT


Above, you can see that Sanders did wish Woods a “happy birthday” and that she, Woods, and Jenner, were all good friends.

“Happy birthday to a real one @jordynwoods,” Sanders wrote in 2017.

2. Heather Sanders Is Blac Chyna’s “Former BFF”

Sanders was supposedly one of Blac Chyna’s best friends.

Something went wrong in their friendship, according to reports.

The pair got into a brawl on December 26 of 2015, on social media. They knocked each other’s appearances, mental health, and more.

Chyna hurled a few insults at both Tyga and Sanders (as well as Sanders’ man, Terrell/T-Rell/Trell Meeks): “U can go get ur mom, or ur b*tch Lol!! Or ur n*gga u f*ckin… or Terrell, or heather!” Chyna said in the video above.

At some point, rumors even began to circulate about Tyga and Sanders cheating together that were unproven and/or unconfirmed.

Considering that Tyga is Jenner’s ex, and Blac Chyna is Kim Kardashian’s “former BFF,” and Jordyn Woods was accused of sleeping with Jenner’s and Kardashian’s sister, Khloe, and now Woods is Jenner’s “former BFF,” and Sanders is also Blac Chyna’s “former BFF” who was accused of sleeping with Tyga, please do not hold this article responsible if your head hurts. (Also congratulations if you followed that sentence)!

3. Heather Sanders Has Two Biological Children & One Via Her Partner’s Previous Relationship

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Besties Fa Life ?

A post shared by Heather Sanders (@heathersanders_) on Aug 12, 2018 at 7:47pm PDT

Sanders and her partner,  @KingTrell, a.k.a. Terrell Meeks, have two biological children together.

They have their youngest son, whose name is Supreme.

Then, they have a daughter together whose name is Zoe.

Meeks’ eldest child is Tylee who’s 10 years old:

“Happy Birthday to my big baby Tylee!! ?” Meeks tweets above. “I’m like god thank you she’s calm and coo[l], then God was like naw bruh you got another one coming and she’s a foo, good luck, Mr Gemini lol, Zoe get em!!! ?”

4. Heather Sanders & Partner, Terrell T-Rell (Trell) Meeks, Vlog About Their Family on YouTube

Meeks met Sanders on Twitter, according to their video blog. Sanders admitted to following “everyone affiliated with Young Money,” which is why she followed Meeks.

They met in 2010.

Meeks said he fell in love with her over the phone before they met because they talked for two months before even meeting. They first linked up at a Lil Wayne show. He said the “world stopped” when he met her.

Sanders says that Meeks put her in a headlock playfully when they first met. She began regularly flying to L.A. where he lived, and he began flying to Texas, where she lived, until they both settled in L.A.

Their family blog is called “Meeks Gang.”

Meeks gave Sanders $7,000 to put down on her car at the time so that she could move from Dallas to L.A. to be with him (the car was a Ford Fusion she says in the video above). She says that she added her own $3,000 to the sum he gave her, to buy the car.

Meeks says he’s a Gemini with mood swings and is grateful for Sanders’ acceptance of him. Sanders says that Meeks helped her grow and that they both uplift each other.

5. Heather Sanders Moved From Dallas Texas to California & Owns a Boutique on Melrose

Sanders owns a boutique on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles called Sorella.

After Sanders moved to L.A., she began by selling tee shirts with her man. She Googled “how to start your own online boutique,” she said in the YouTube video, then she started to grow Sorella.

“Sorella means ‘beautiful sister’ in Italian,” Sanders says in her video. “It means representing for women and girls because nobody does.”

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