Is Colton Underwood Still a Virgin After The Bachelor 2019?

Colton Underwood proposal, Colton Underwood

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Throughout season 23 of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood’s virginity has been a major subject of interest. The 27-year-old revealed his virginity to the franchise while he was a contestant on The Bachelorette, and the question of whether or not he will lose his virginity during The Bachelor has, at times, gotten more attention than the question of whether or not he will get engaged during the season.

On the show, Underwood has expressed that it was not his original intention to save himself, but as he got older and he had not lost his virginity, he decided to keep waiting until it was with someone he loved. Though he dated US Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and Bachelor in Paradise castmate Tia Booth, sex was not part of either relationship.

While we don’t know what has happened since filming wrapped for season 23 of The Bachelor, it seems unlikely that he lost his virginity during show production. Tayshia Adams confirmed in a camera interview after their fantasy suite date that they did not get intimate in that way during their overnight, even though she expressed hope that they would. Before spending their night together away from the cameras, Underwood assured her that even though he is a virgin, he has experience in other areas.

Before his fantasy suite date with Cassie Randolph was supposed to happen, he was preparing their room and reflecting on how that could be the night he lost his virginity when she showed up to tell him she had to end things and go home. She left without an overnight, but not before they told each other “I love you.”

During night one of the two-night finale, Underwood sent Hannah Goodwin home without a fantasy suite (or one-on-one) date, confirming that Underwood was still a virgin after his trip with the final three to Portugal.

During the “Women Tell All” Bachelor special, eliminated contestant Sydney Lotuaco asked him the question everyone’s been wanting to ask: is he still a virgin? Expectantly, Underwood made a face but did not answer her. Chris Harrison even asked the women “Show of hands, who thinks Colton is still a virgin?” Many did not raise their hands, but there were a few eliminated contestants who believed that, even months after the show, Underwood is still a virgin.

After last month’s taping of “Women Tell All,” Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima asked him when he will confirm or deny his current virginity. In response, he said “I don’t know if you ever will. [I’ll reveal the status of my virginity] in 10 days, 10 years, [or] never. I don’t know.”

At the end of night one of the two-night season finale, Underwood was left with no women. There are two more hours left of the finale, including the “After the Final Rose” live special, and Monday night teased that Underwood went after Cassie Randolph after sending the other women home in Portugal. If Underwood is not alone for “After the Final Rose,” expect that Chris Harrison will ask him and his lady on live television if they’ve had sex since filming the show. And if Underwood is still single, expect to hear more virginity jokes at his expense.