Is Lucille 2 Austero Dead on ‘Arrested Development’? Who Killed Her?

Lucille 2 Austero


One of the big mysteries for Season 5 Part 2 of Arrested Development is who killed Lucille Austero (aka Lucille 2) or if she’s even dead at all. We’ll start out with theories and a plot refresher from Season 5 Part 1 and Season 4. Later in the story we’ll have spoilers for Season 5 Part 2, but we’ll warn you before you get to that part of the story.

Season 4 had a lot of drama centered around Lucille Austero (aka Lucille 2), and the season ended with what appeared to be her bloody body at the bottom of the stair car. However, it was always unclear if she really died. Season 5 picked up the mystery right where we left off and by the beginning of Season 5 Part 2, we’re still not sure just what happened to Lucille 2.

The last time anyone saw Lucille 2 was on Cinco de Cuatro, and no one has seen her since. In Episode 1 of Season 5, it appeared that Michael might have gotten a phone call from her, but some fans find that a bit suspicious and assumed these were just recordings from Lucille 2.

Here are the top theories for who might have killed Lucille 2 if she’s really dead.

Buster: Buster was pretty aggressive the night of Cinco de Cuatro, and he’s still the prime suspect in Lucille 2’s death. He knocked Herbert Love into a coma and he was drunk that night. We also learned that Buster was furious when he found out that Lucille 2 kept him from Mother, and he blamed her for his mother being in jail. He seems shocked when he sees the blood on the stair car, however.

Lindsay: Their relationship took a dramatic downturn when Lucille 2 shared photos that showed Lindsay and Herbert Love in compromising situations. She also ended up choosing Sally Sitwell as her campaign manager over Lindsay.

Michael: Michael had borrowed $700,000 from Lucille 2. He tried to seduce her to get an extension on the loan, but she turned him down. When he got back to the model home, he was very ashamed about something (“I lost control and I wish I could forget,” he said.) But Gob made him take a Forget-Me-Now, so that memory is now gone. Lucille 2’s brother had also threatened Michael, which might add to the suspicion.

Tobias: Tobias and Argyle, Lucille’s brother, borrowed $700,000 to fund Fantastic 4: An Action Musical. But when Lucille 2 found DeBrie, she threatened to send Tobias back to prison.

Maeby: Lucille 2 saw her adopted son Perfecto in bed with Maeby, after Maeby borrowed a lot of money from Lucille for Fakeblock.

Lucille Bluth: She blamed Lucille 2 for her being in jail and she wanted to pay Lucille 2 back. In addition, George Sr. and Lucille Bluth are building a wall, but Lucille 2 owns the company and she was campaigning against the wall. So she could throw quite the wrench in their plans.

Gob: Gob owed money to the Mongol horde. But was the least likely suspect, since was obsessed with Tony Wonder the night that Lucille disappeared. There’s really no room for Lucille 2 hate in his heart.

George Michael: Nope. Not even close to a suspect. He doesn’t have any idea who Lucille Austero is (unless that’s a result of a Forget Me Now.)

Lucille 2: She has a chronic vertigo issue, so she might have just fallen down the stairs and caused her own demise.

WARNING: Major Spoilers for All of Season 5 Part 2 Below, Including the Finale

And now we’ve come to the spoiler part of the article.

By the time the season is winding down, no one has seen Lucille 2 still. We learn that Lucille and George Sr. didn’t kill her because they both believe she’s faking it and she’s still alive somewhere.

In the final episode of Season 5, though, we learn a lot. 

Michael begins to think he killed Lucille 2. He remembers that the memory he wanted to forget was about calling Lucille 2 a chicken and taunting her, then falling down the stairs himself. The blood was his. But he’s still not sure what happened to Lucille 2.

Buster is another major suspect, and that very last scene in the show has fans wondering if he really did kill her. But the show’s not ready to reveal all its cards yet.

Meanwhile, there’s also a chance that Lucille 2 was alive the whole time. She might have met her demise at the end of the show, or she might still be alive and faked her death again. It’s unclear and the show is leaving it all up to our imagination.

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