Janice Freeman Dead: How Did ‘The Voice’ Singer Die?

Getty Janice Freeman performs at The COTA Awards

Janice Freeman has passed away. The former contestant on The Voice was rushed to a Pasadena hospital on Saturday, when she was officially pronounced dead. She was 33. According to TMZ, the cause of death was a blood clot that appears to have traveled to her heart.

Freeman’s family says that she was at home with her husband, Dion, when she started complaining about not being able to breathe. Dion called 911 and attempted to perform CPR on her until paramedics arrived. She was rushed to the hospital, and pronounced dead around 5:30 PM.

Freeman Died from a Blood Clot That Appears to Have Traveled to Her Heart

Freeman competed in season 13 of The Voice, where she made it to the top 11. She also appeared on the 2017 compilation album Hopes & Dreams: The Lullaby Project. All throughout her career, however, she dealt with a number of serious health issues. These illnesses include lupus, meningitis, and cervical cancer, the latter of which she was able to overcome.

“My first illness was kidney failure when I was 7 years old; it’s like every seven years something huge happens,” she told Real Health. “At 14, I contracted the [rare but serious] bacterial infection meningococcal meningitis. Literally, rigor mortis set in, and I almost lost my life in weeks.”

Freeman was also diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, which is an autoimmune disorder that affects the body’s glands, in 2007. “I noticed that I never had enough enamel to protect my teeth and my eyes were dry all the time,” she recalled. “My vision kept going bad and getting worse over time, so that’s how they were able to make the diagnosis for Sjogren’s syndrome.”

She Dealt With a Number of Illnesses Throughout Her Life Including Cervical Cancer

Despite these illnesses, Freeman remained thankful for good fortune as a performer. “If I’m alive, whether I’m hurting or mentally going through things, such as fighting depression, when you understand your mandate and what you’re supposed to do in this life, you’ve got to push through,” she revealed. Freeman is survived by her husband Dion and her daughter Hannah, who she often credited with being her inspiration.

“There’s been times where I wanted to give up, and I know why God gave her to me,” she told Real Health. “[Hannah has] taught me so many things, and for her to see me fight again, for her to see that in spite of what her mom goes through, she still stands tall and she’s always pushing, for her to see that nothing—from what color she is to being a woman—can stop her, that there’s nothing that she can’t accomplish. That means the world to me.”

Several celebrities have taken to social media to pay tribute to Freeman. Fellow Voice contestant Davon Fleming posted a video of him and Freeman, while peers like Marcio Donaldson and Crystal Lewis praised Freeman’s power as a singer.

Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson wrote: “@janice_freeman the voice of hers we got to hear and the bit of life we got to watch her live was a blessing and inspiration to us all! My heart and prayers go out.” Check out additional tributes above.