Jason Gould, Barbra Streisand’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

George Stroud/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Barbra Streisand with her son Jason Gould at Heathrow Airport, London, UK, 11th April 1969.

Jason Gould, an American actor, director, producer, writer and singer, is the son of singer and actress Barbra Streisand and actor Elliott Gould.

Streisand has been shrouded in controversy this week after she said Wade Robson and James Safechuck — two men whose allegations against musician Michael Jackson resurfaced in the recent documentary “Leaving Neverland” — “were thrilled to be there” and that what allegedly happened to them “didn’t kill them.”

Streisand, 76, made the peculiar comments Friday to British newspaper The Times. She also said that Jackson’s “sexual needs were his sexual needs” and though she “absolutely” believes the allegations of by Robson and Safechuck, she puts more blame on their parents than on the King of Pop.

Gould, 52, has yet to release a statement about his mother’s comments. He is active on Instagram — mostly posting about politics — but not active on Twitter. Most of his posts are primarily focused on music and his 2017 full-length music album “Dangerous Man.”

Gould’s father Elliott Gould, who split from Streisand in 1971, has not publicly reacted to the comments either.

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Flashback Friday to earlier this year…love this picture.

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1. Gould Grew Up Surrounded By Fame

Jason Emanuel Gould was born in New York City on December 29, 1966. His mother, Streisand, was in the prime of her performing career, and his father, Elliott Gould was also in the prime of his acting career. The two, who raised their son as Jewish, were married in 1969 and divorced in 1971.

“Famous even before he was born — the press called him ‘The Million Dollar Baby’ when Streisand’s pregnancy forced her to cancel a lucrative concert engagement in Las Vegas — Jason Gould grew up in the glare of public exposure,” SF Gate wrote in a profile of Gould in 2000.

He told the paper: “[B]eing around my mother I have a lot of experience with paparazzi. When I was a kid I couldn’t go anywhere without photographers in our face . . . I don’t like cameras snapping in my face. It’s like being attacked. That’s one reason I kind of laid low (since making ‘The Prince of Tides’). Because I don’t like that kind of attention, I really don’t. I don’t like fame and what goes with that. I grew up in it.”

2. Gould First Began His Career in the Film Industry

Gould first appeared in the romantic comedy-drama film Say Anything (1989), the drama Listen To Me, the comedy The Big Picture and the romantic drama film The Prince of Tides (1991).

He was also in action drama Subterfuge in 1996 before turning away from the camera and to the theatre.

In 1997, he made his West End theatre debut in the drama play The Twilight of the Golds at the Arts Theatre in London, England. He then wrote, produced and directed the short comedy film Inside Out in 1997.

A 30-minute short film, Inside Out, was a part of the gay film series Boys Life 3 and co-starred his father and half-brother. The story was loosely based on his own life as a gay son of famous celebrity parents.

Then, Gould left acting altogether and was under the radar until becoming a musician in the 20002.

3. Gould is Gay and Came Out to Streisand in 1988 at the Age of 21

Gould gave an extensive interview to The Advocate in 2001 about being gay. Years earlier, tabloids had speculated that he was gay.

“I’m sure it has in many ways. At one point I was very uncomfortable with it. Now somebody can be a fan of hers and it’s not threatening to me. There was a time when I was uncomfortable and not sure whether people like me for me or liked me because they liked her. But that can be pretty transparent after about 10 minutes,” Gould said when asked what it was like to have a mother who is a gay icon.

In response, Streisand said: “I would never wish for my son to be anything but what he is. He is bright, kind, sensitive, caring, and a very conscientious and good person. He is a very gifted actor and filmmaker. What more could a parent ask for in their child? I have been truly blessed. Most parents feel that their child is particularly special, and I am no different. I have a wonderful son. My only wish for my son, Jason, is that he continues to experience a rich life of love, happiness, joy, and fulfillment, both creatively and personally.”

4. Gould Is Now Focused on His Music Career and Was Recently Put on the Ballot to Be Nominated For a Grammy

In 2012, Gould released a self-titled five-track release and then joined Streisand on tour.

How Deep is the Ocean by Jason Gould and Barbra StreisandJosh Gould and Barbra Streisand on 13 October 2012 at Barclays Center2012-10-14T14:09:52.000Z

“I did not know if my knees would buckle. I did not know if I could do it,” he said in 2012 after performing with Streisand at the Hollywood Bowl at the final show of her tour. “I didn’t want to set this up. I learned I could do it. It’s been weeks afterward, and I cannot believe I sang in front of thousands of people at the Hollywood Bowl. I don’t know who that person is.”

Appearing on Katie Couric’s talk show, “Katie,” in September 2012, Streisand praised her son’s vocal talents. “And I tell you, when I heard the things he’s recorded, the musicianship, the sound of his voice, it’s like he has a little chamber music orchestra right in his vocal cords.”

Then, Gould released his first full-length album, Dangerous Man, in December 2017.

Jason Gould – The Way You Look Tonight – Dangerous Man"The Way You Look Tonight" Available now: lnk.to/DangerousMan Follow Jason Gould: facebook.com/jasongouldmusic twitter.com/jasongouldmusic instagram.com/jasongouldmusic Quincy Jones Productions info@quincyjones.com2017-12-15T08:32:40.000Z

“Music has phenomenal healing power. It speaks to the heart. So many people have found a sense of acceptance and belonging through music. So absolutely –that’s all I really care about in the end,” he told Billboard in 2017.

Dangerous Man was put on the consideration ballot for the 61st Grammy Awards but ultimately was not nominated.

5. Gould Is Very Open About His Liberal Political Views On Social Media

In an interview in 2001, Gould said he wasn’t particularly focused on politics like his mother.

“It separates people and creates these polar opposites — Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative — and it’s not realistic. What it does is create differences in people who are not really that different. And so do the terms ‘gay’ and ‘straight.’ I don’t really want to support any of it,” he said.

But his recent Instagram posts sing a different tune and point to him being a Democrat and very opposed to President Donald Trump.

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Disturbing to say the least.

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New faces of congress.

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