Jazz Jennings Creates Anti-Bullying Day Camp For Youth

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Jazz Jennings is creating an anti-bullying day camp for youth, according to spoilers for the upcoming episode of I Am Jazz. Jennings hopes the camp will be a place that LGBTQ youth and their peers can come together without the fear of being bullied or ostracized.

Jennings knows what it feels like to be bullied, so her vision of the camp includes teaching others to be confidence and comfortable in their own skin, and to not care what other people think. Tonight’s episode of I Am Jazz revolves around her camp, which is called Jazz Hands Camp.

The promo for tonight’s episode shows Jennings talking about her experiences with bullying, and why she feels it is so important to reach out to younger kids to offer advice and help them cope with bullying in the event that they unfortunately experience it. Although her camp will be very LGBTQ-inclusive, she has mentioned that it is open to all children, including “allies and peers and just all kids.”

“You know, just hearing all those kids talk makes me realize that the experiences you have at a young age influence your development and if you could speak to kids who are like, 12 and under and teach them the lesson about being yourself and not caring about what anyone else thinks, then that’s a powerful thing to do,” she says in the promo.

She continues: “I really want to speak to kids before they have to face all these hardships,” she tells her mom, Jeanette Jennings, who asks how she is going to do that. Her mom tells the cameras that Jennings is such a “great youth activist” and believes it’ll be an incredible experience for her to expand her advocacy and talk to kids who have been bullied because “that’s something she knows a lot about.”

Jennings tells her mom that she doesn’t want to create a support group, because she doesn’t think that would be enough to fulfill what she has in mind. She says she wants to create an “escape for kids,” a full day of fun activities for the campers. She adds it would be a “day where these kids can come together,” which is her ultimate goal for the Jazz Hands Camp.

Tonight’s episode will also revolve around Jennings’ decision to move out and live on her own. The promo above shows her talking with her parents about wanting to have her own independence, have her own space, and how she wants to just enjoy having and cleaning her own home. They argue back and forth a bit, with her parents claiming it would be an unnecessary expenditure and that she is still recovering from her surgery and shouldn’t be moving out yet. Her parents appear to be hurt and taken aback that she is so intent on moving out, and feel somewhat betrayed after all they’ve done to help her with her surgery.

Tune in to Am Jazz, which airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC to keep up with Jennings’ story.

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