Jenny & Elan Allende on ‘Mexican Dynasties’

Getty Jenny Allende and Elan Allende

Jenny and Elan Allende are continuing to pursue a music career on the latest episode of Mexican Dynasties. In addition to their career, the couple are forced to juggle the arrival of their two children in Mexico, and the drama caused by Elan’s family, who are openly critical of his decisions. Learn more about them below.

Jenny and Elan’s children, Valentina and Fernando, are expected to arrive in Mexico City during tonight’s episode. The children are currently in Miami, where their parents used to live, but are being relocated so that the entire family can be together again. They will also reconnect with their grandparents, Mari and Fernando Allende, who disapprove of Elan’s marriage.

Jenny & Elan Allende Are Moving Their Children to Mexico City to Be With Them

According to Tamara Tattles, Jenny does not get along with Elan’s mother Mari Allende. The latter always corrects Jenny’s English, and they regularly blame Jenny for breaking up the band Allende, which Elan used to run with his younger brother Adan. His family told him to choose between his wife and his band, and Elan obviously chose his wife. This means that there’s also a significant amount of tension between Jenny and Adan as well. “We all know what happened with the Beatles…(whispers) Yoko”, he said during a confessional.

Elan used to work in commercial real estate, but he now focuses on the production side of music. Jenny, meanwhile, is a former Puerto Rican beauty queen. They have been married since 2010, and were coerced to move to Mexico City to appear in the Mexican Dynasties series. Elan also said that the move would help them craft the pop album they’re currently working on.

Jenny & Elan Are Currently Working on a Spanish Pop Album Together

The Allende family have fully embraced the reality TV lifestyle. “You have grandmas, grandchildren, mothers, daughters, boyfriends, true love, first love,” Adan explains. “We’re showing a side of Mexico that’s never been shown in the media before. The art, the cuisine, the museums, the culture. We’re really challenging stereotypes here.”

Mari Allende said that the producers told her not to watch any other American reality shows, as they wanted the cast to bring something new to the format. “They told us: do not watch any reality shows,” she explained to Bustle. “Do not be prepared for anything, do not be influenced by any other reality shows… This is it. What you see is what you get. It’s us.”

Fellow cast member Paulina Madrazo said that Mexican Dynasties was a chance to show American audiences a different side of their culture. “In Mexico, we have a lot of respect for families and everything. We don’t get into those kinds of fights. There’s other drama going on in our lives,” she said. “Mexicans, we’re just always looking for fun and excitement.”

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