Joey Gaydos Jr.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Joey Gaydos Jr., who played lead guitarist Zack Mooneyham in the movie School of Rock, has been charged with multiple felonies in the state of Florida for theft related to musical objects.

Specifically, TMZ reports that Gaydos is facing felony charges for larceny and grand theft after he was caught by police trying to allegedly steal guitars and an amplifier on four occasions over the last five weeks.

Per TMZ, police say that Gaydos has been walking into guitar stores in Florida, asking to try a guitar, then walking out of the store with the guitar without paying for them. Police also say he’s been using these stolen guitars to sell them at pawn shops, and that some of these guitars are worth thousands of dollars.

Gaydos has not made a public statement on the matter, but TMZ reports that Gaydos confessed to the charges and blamed a drug problem.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. In 2016, Gaydos Was Working as a Guitar Teacher to Children in Michigan

"School of Rock" child actor, guitarist teaching rock to Ann Arbor kids"School of Rock" child actor, guitarist teaching rock to Ann Arbor kids2016-09-09T20:46:09.000Z

In 2016, Gaydos was based in Michigan, working (ironically) as a guitar teacher for children in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Gaydos, then-25 years old, worked at the Ann Arbor Music Center, according to MLive.

At the time, Gaydos was teaching during the week and touring on the weekends with Uncle Kracker, the publication reports. To MLive, Gaydos said, “I always say, as long as I have a guitar in my hands, I should be pretty happy for the rest of my life.”

One of Gaydos’ clients said to the publication, “He’s very friendly and patient. He’s also very skilled, an expert in his area.”

2. Gaydos Played in a Number of Musical Groups Following His School of Rock Breakthrough

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Ain't good looking but you can bet my pool is.

A post shared by JG (@joeygaydosjr) on Jan 8, 2019 at 5:41pm PST

According to MLive, Gaydos received multiple acting offers following his stint on School of Rock, but he turned those down in favor of pursuing his true passion: music.

He played in a number of bands over the years, including The Joey Gaydos Group and Stereo Jane, according to MLive. 

3. Gaydos Has an Active Instagram With Over 5,000 Followers

On his Instagram account, Gaydos will often post videos of himself playing guitar, including the one above. His bio for his Instagram reads, “? Do What Thou Wilt”

In one post, Gaydos writes, “Can still ? a little bit, even on a “jazz guitar” hah. No doubt certain instruments lend themselves to certain qualities, but isn’t the goal to pick up anything and sound like YOU? Thanks for always steering me away from being a clone Dad, @guitarjoey the original”

Gaydos’ Instagram is filled with photos of various guitars with a location tag in Florida, like this one and this one, but it’s unclear if these are the same guitars that led to his felony charges.

4. Gaydos’ Costars Have Met Up for Reunions in the Past, But It’s Unclear If He’s Attended

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Seven School of Rockstars walk into a bar…

A post shared by Caitlin Hale (@caitlinmhale) on Dec 29, 2018 at 9:10pm PST

In the past, a number of School of Rock reunions have taken place, though it’s unclear if Gaydos has attended them.

In January, a group of the former actors got together in New York, sharing the sweet reunion on Instagram.

5. Where Are the Rest of the School of Rock Kids Now?

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A post shared by Miranda Cosgrove (@mirandacosgrove) on Jan 18, 2019 at 2:22pm PST

Following their success on School of Rock, the cast mates from that memorable film went in a number of directions.

Miranda Cosgrove, who played Summer Hathaway, is a successful actress, who has worked on a number of films and shows, most recently doing voiceover for the Despicable Me franchise.

Becca Brown, who played Katie the bassist, has a YouTube channel filled with her singer-songwriter work. She’s also active on the improv scene, according to the music site Consequence of Sound, and has performed in the Hamilton parody Spamilton. 

Maryam Hassan, who played Tomika, also has her own YouTube channel, and posts on a wide array of topics, from performing covers of songs to publishing YouTube tutorials.

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