Jonathan Tomines, The Toe Bro: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jonathan Tomines The Toe Bro


Jonathan Tomines is the star of A&E’s newest reality series, “The Toe Bro”, and he’s here to fix all our problems. Our feet problems, that is.

Interested in learning more about the chiropodist and what he does? Read on.

1. He Is a Foot Specialist and Chiropodist

Jonathan Tomines is a registered chiropodist in Toronto, Canada. According to his profile under Cooksville Foot Care Clinic, he received his undergraduate degree in Bio-Medical Science at the University of Waterloo.

He went on to earn his diploma of Health Sciences specializing in Chiropody at the Michener Institute for Applied Health Services. Today, Tomines works at Mississauga Foot Clinic, just outside Toronto. His website reads, “Jonathan is dedicated to continually innovate the practice and educate the patients of all ages to provide the best quality of foot health care throughout Ontario.”

Tomines grew up with a father who was a chiropodist for over 30 years.

2. He Has a Facebook Page Called ‘The Toe Bro’

Tomines has a Facebook page called ‘The Toe Bro’, which has over 11k followers to date.

The page has many positive reviews left on site. One patient recently wrote, “He is very talented and cares a lot for his patients,” while another commented, “Knowledgeable and great personality (bedside manner) and must love his work!”

The Toe Bro currently has a 4.9 rating out of 5, based off results from 55 people. His website reads, “Jonathan’s goal is to continue to create awareness and educate the public about the importance of foot health in our lives.”

3. He Helps Many Dancers and Athletes

The Toe Bro helps everyone, but most of his patients tend to be dancers or athletes. He can fix anything from Ingrown toenails and cracked heels to bunions and plantar warts.

In a sneak peek for tonight’s episode, Kelly, a patient, says of her own foot problem, “I thought it was normal because, as a dancer, you hear a lot that as a dancer you have really bad feet,” Kelly says. Tomines quickly points out the issues she faces when she goes in to meet him.

According to A&E, Tomines went into the business to help people with embarrassing foot issues. He says, “I don’t get pleasure out of it. I get pleasure seeing the person looking at their foot [afterward]. Or just seeing them, knowing that they’re having the issue [treated]. That’s what makes me feel good. The satisfaction that they’re going to have this problem solved. They’re going to feel better about their feet.”

4. His Website Sells Professional Foot Care Tools

Tomines’ website has a section dedicated to professional foot care tools. The site sells everything from a professional foot care kit to a deluxe professional ingrown toenail file to a deluxe professional nail nipper.

Speaking to E! about his career as a chiropodist, Jonathan says, “I was basically born for this.”

To date, Tomines has helped over 5,000 foot patients. A&E writes that there’s nothing Tomines won’t clip, slice, or scoop. “A lot of people might think my job’s disgusting, but I help people get back on their feet. There’s no ingrown too bad I can’t handle,” he says.

5. His Youtube Videos Have Garnered over 100 Million Views

In 2017, Tomines began posting videos of his work to his YouTube channel. Today, the videos have garnered over 100 million views. To date, he has over 380,000 subscribers.

Asked by A&E if he’s ever experienced any foot issues himself, the chiropodist explains, “Yes, I’ll never forget. When I was in university, I started going to the gym. I guess I didn’t learn anything from my dad at that point, because I was walking around barefoot in the changing room and the showers. I got three big plantar warts [on my foot] and I didn’t know what to do. I asked my dad and he made me a felt pad with holes right over the warts. He gave me a strong salicylic acid and a scalpel.”

He now says that nothing phases him– even a terribly smelling foot.

Be sure to tune into “The Toe Bro” Tuesdays at 10pm on A&E.

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