Who is Jordan Verroi on ‘Summer House’?

Jordan Verroi

Getty Jordan Verroi features on Bravo's reality series Summer House, and is the CEO of the app CapGenius. He spends much of his time modeling for CapGenius and promoting Summer House.

Jordan Verroi joins Kyle Cooke, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Danielle Olivera, and Amanda Batula, among a few other newcomers, to Bravo’s reality TV series Summer House, which follows a group of friends who share a house in the Hamptons.

Verroi’s bio on Bravo describes him as a “southern gentleman” and a model who joined the cast of Summer House to broaden his horizons and “live a little.” He founded and models for CapGenius, an app that allows users to search for captions for their social media posts.

“Also known to the group as a man of mystery, Jordan often leaves his housemates questioning his intentions and the truths behind his stories,” his bio reads. 

In an interview with The Native Society, the Atlanta native revealed that he’s always been interested in networking and building relationships, which helped create such a successful app.

“The technology space has presented an incredible opportunity for me to connect my love for entrepreneurship with the ease and wide use of new emerging technologies,” Verroi told The Native Society. “I enjoy networking and being able to access my network of incredible contacts, friends and business associates: I have been able to maneuver my way deeper into the industry and successfully navigate into helping make CapGenius successful thus far.”

According to his LinkedIn account, he has been involved in a series of other projects as well, including overseeing and advising apps such as Element, which helps you meet people with similar interests, and Pangea, which helps college students find work. He also worked in client-relations for Betches, a media company that claims to be the “go-to brand and community for women around the world who desire to keep things real.”

He was featured as the youngest CEO ever in a December issue of CEO Magazine, and his advice for anyone who wants to step outside their comfort zone and pursue their dreams is “just go for it.”

“The worst somebody’s going to say to you is no,” he told CEO Magazine, after revealing that he left his position at major recruitment firm Insight Global – where he made over US$500,000 – to chase his own dream and create CapGenius.

Verroi also previously teamed up with a friend to create Pangea Swimwear, a luxury swimwear line for men that creates swim shorts that can be worn any time of the day, although he is no longer with the company. He then moved on to a start-up ketchup brand for restaurants, where he was head of sales. He told CEO Magazine that he learned a lot about rejection during his ketchup venture.

“Chefs in high-end restaurants were extremely picky,” he told the magazine.

Aside from tackling all of his app projects, Verroi spends much of his time promoting the newest season of Summer House. The preview for the upcoming episodes hints that Verroi may have some drama involving multiple ladies in the house. He even admits to flirting with Paige at the office, and then with Danielle in the hot tub, and it seems like Lindsay may have a thing for him too.

Tune in Mondays at 10/9c to catch the newest season of Summer House.

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