Jordyn Woods Uncle: Is She Related to Will Smith?

Instagram Will Smith & Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods has made headlines since it was discovered that she reportedly hooked up with Tristan Thompson, the baby daddy of her best friend’s sister Khloe Kardashian. Woods recently appeared on Red Table Talk to deny these claims, and discuss what really happened with Jada Pinkett-Smith. This is not the first time that Jordyn has been linked to the Smith family, however.

Jordyn has been very open about her relationship with the Smith family, particularly actor Will Smith. In 2014, she posted an IG photo of her and Will when she was a baby with a caption that read: “Happy birthday to a man who has greatly impacted my life. Love you uncle willy.” This post led many to wonder whether Jordyn was actually related to the Smith family, and whether Will was her biological uncle.

Jordyn Has Referred to Will Smith as Her Uncle But They Are Not Actually Related

According to Capital FM, Jordyn is not blood related to Will or any other members of the Smith family. She is merely a family friend who grew up alongside Will’s children. Jordyn’s late father John Woods was a sound engineer who met and befriended Will in the 1990s. They struck up a friendship, and the Woods and Smith families remain close to this day. Will even appeared on Red Table Talk via phone call, and gave Jordyn advice on how to deal with the cheating scandal.

“There’s a lot of things about our relationship to her family. Jordyn’s father worked on Fresh Prince before she was born and I know how hard it was for you and your family when he passed,” he said. “And I was watching you grow and become a woman and I had a deep sense that we would be here one day. What I want to say to you is that the world attacks. It just happens. You’ll never get around the world attacking but i want you to know that you are supported and i got you and we got you.”

Jordyn Has Been Close With the Smith Family Since She Was a Baby & Is Particularly Close With Will’s Son Jaden

Jordyn is also close with Will’s son Jaden, who has spoken about their friendship on Instagram. “Jordyn Is One Of The First People I Ever Met, We’ve Been Friends Since A Few Days After I Was Born And Always Will Be Lexington Lives Through The Spirit Of Sherman Way. Remember This,” he wrote in 2015. Cosmopolitan reports that it was actually Jaden who introduced Jordyn to Kylie Jenner in 2012.

“She’s known Jaden, like, her whole life, and I met him in middle school,” Kylie reveals during a YouTube Q&A. “They were best friends, they still are—whatever.” Jaden has also supported Jordyn’s fashion endeavors throughout her career. The actor and musician attended the Boohoo X Jordyn Woods Launch Event in Los Angeles in 2016, and also attended the launch event of her active wear label, SECNDNTURE, in August 2018.