Kailyn Lowry and Ex Jo Rivera: Where Are They Today?

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Kailyn Lowry has been in a heated child support battle with her ex Jo Rivera for some time, and isn’t shy about sharing details of the case with the public. Rivera recently took Lowry to court over child support for their nine-year-old son, Isaac, claiming he needs the extra financial help to take better care of their son.

During the February 25 episode of Teen Mom 2, viewers found out that Rivera was requesting more than $1000 a month from Lowry, claiming he needed the extra expenses to get the air conditioner fixed so that “Isaac doesn’t have to sleep on the couch” when he has custody of him over the summer.

According to Us Weekly, Rivera also told his wife Vee that he and Lowry agreed that she would drop the child support he’d been paying Issac when their custody of Isaac went 50/50. When she never did, he decided to fight back.

“I feel like for the past eight years she’s had her hand around my throat pushing me under the f—king water and just holding me there,” Jo said. “I’m entitled to something for this past year of me paying, and I’m entitled to the help. I feel like I do need some help.”

Lowry was furious over the demand, saying Rivera never gave her a heads up about the child support demand before going to her lawyer. “Never once did he mention to me that he was in any type of situation where he needed financial support or that he was even considering filing for child support,” Lowry explained. “I was getting child support since Isaac was maybe eight months old and he’s paying $475 which, okay, let’s drop it. Let’s just call it a wash. That’s when he was on diapers and wipes and formula. I even told him a while ago I would drop it, I just never got around to it.”

Now, in a sneak peek clip for tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Lowry comes face-to-face with Rivera after he filed the child support claim. The clip, which can be viewed above, shows an awkward exchange between the two parents during their son’s basketball game.

After Lowry met with her lawyer, she found out that the max amount of child support that her ex could get from her would be $2,300 a month. She and Rivera will have to go to mediation next month to figure everything out, Us Weekly reports.

Rivera believes the request for an increase in child support is fair, since Lowry makes a fair amount of money. “You’re making hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars every year,” he claimed during the episode. “And then you tell me all the money that you make that you don’t tell other people about, like $5,000-$10,000 coming in every month from Instagram just on advertisements.”

Lowry disagreed, claiming she’d live in a better house if she made as much as he thinks she makes. “Just because I make more and you can get it, doesn’t mean that that makes it right. I want to see what the expenses truly are. Maybe he thinks that I’m making millions, but I sure as f— wouldn’t be living in the house I live in, driving a Suburban if I made millions!”

What do you think of Rivera’s claim for needing child support? Do you think he really needs the money to help take care of Isaac, or does he have an ulterior motive? Let us know in the comments below! Catch Teen Mom 2 on Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV to keep up with Lowry and Rivera’s child support battle.

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