Sandy Tsujihara, Kevin Tsujihara’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Kevin Tsujihara and wife Sandy Tsujihara

After six years as chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers Entertainment, Kevin Tsujihara has announced that he was stepping down. The sudden exit follows the fallout from The Hollywood Reporter‘s bombshell article on March 6, in which actress Charlotte Kirk, who appeared in Warner Bros. films, How to Be Single, and most recently, Ocean’s 8, claims the 54-year-old studio executive promised her roles in exchange for sex.

WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey put out in an official statement,“Kevin has contributed greatly to the studio’s success over the past 25 years and for that we thank him. Kevin acknowledges that his mistakes are inconsistent with the Company’s leadership expectations and could impact the Company’s ability to execute going forward.”

Tsujihara, who’s married and has two children with wife Sandy Tsujihara, denies the allegations, and as an outside law firm is investigating the case, his wife remains standing by his side.

Here’s what you need to know about Sandy Tsujihara:

1. Sandy is a Regular at High-Profile Red Carpet Events

Sandy Tsujihara and husband Kevin Tsujihara

From the 91st Annual Academy Awards in February, to American Film Institute’s 44th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to John Williams, Sandy attends many of her husband’s high profile industry events. And the couple regularly takes photos alongside another Warner Bros. power couple, studio President and Chief Content Officer Peter Roth and his wife Andrea.

Warner Bros. President and Chief Content Officer Peter Roth, Andrea Roth, Sandy Tsujihara Kevin Tsujihara attend the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

While she doesn’t make it every movie premiere, Sandy posed with her husband and actor Mark Wahlberg at the Entourage movie premiere, and is always her husband’s date the Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes. The Tsujihara’s also attend celeb studded charity events like the FCancer’s 1st Annual Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala in 2018.

2. The Tsujiharas Supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2016

GettySandy and Kevin Tsujihara

While they once donated to former Republican congressman Bob Goodlatte in 2013, the Tsujiharas have consistently donated to Democratic candidates during the last two election cycles. Election records show they regularly donated to now presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Cory Booker’s senatorial campaigns.

They have also donated money to Democratic Sen, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, and in the 2016 election, supported Hillary Clinton’s run for President, including a $18,800 donation to the DNC.

3. Sandy Would’t Move to Los Angeles Until Kevin Proposed

Sandy Tsujihara and Kevin Tsujihara

Sandy was living in San Fransisco when she met Kevin, she was a friend of a family who lived nearby. Not only would she not move to Los Angeles unless she had a ring on her finger, Sandy told Kevin, whose business QuickTax had just failed, that he also needed to have a job.

It was then that Kevin reached out to his contacts at Warner Brothers that he had met while working at Ernst & Young. In 1994, he began working as a theme park operator at Six Flags, and by 2005, he was the new president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. In 2013, Tsujihara was named CEO.

4. Sandy’s 2 Kids Both Played Basketball in High School

The Tsujiharas have two kids, Morgan and Matthew. Their daughter is a junior at La Canada High School in California and plays on the women’s basketball team. Her older Matthew also went to La Canada high School, played on the men’s basketball team and graduated in 2018.

In March 2017, the entire family entire attended an event at The National Museum of American History. In an interview with the museum, Kevin discussed Matthew and Morgan’s grandparents and great-grandparents transition to America during World War II, a time when thousands of Japanese families were branded by the federal government as traitors and forced to live in internment camps.

“My grandparents were from California’s central valley, and they came over from Japan, and they were also in camps with my parents. My dad ended up getting out of camp early to serve in the Army with his other two brothers. It’s something that shapes who we all are, whether you’re directly or indirectly involved. It shapes how you think about things as America evolves, and things happen both here and abroad.”

5. Sandy Has Not Yet Commented on the Sex Scandal

Kevin Tsujihara and Sandy Tsujihara attend the 91st Annual Academy Awards

Aside from attending award shows and premieres to support her husband, Sandy lives a very private life. She has no Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account and while she hasn’t commented on the allegations against Kevin, he has since penned the following public letter to his colleagues.

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past week and a half, I have been reflecting on how the attention on my past actions might impact the company’s future. After lengthy introspection, and discussions with John Stankey over the past week, we have decided that it is in Warner Bros.’ best interest that I step down as Chairman and CEO.

I love this company and the people that make it so great. I’ve been honored to head this organization and work alongside all of its talented employees over the past 25 years. Together we’ve built this studio into an unequivocal leader in the industry.

However, it has become clear that my continued leadership could be a distraction and an obstacle to the company’s continued success. The hard work of everyone within our organization is truly admirable, and I won’t let media attention on my past detract from all the great work the team is doing.

I am overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of support I have received from colleagues and industry partners during this difficult time.

Again, I am so proud of the great work that you do every day to make Warner Bros. the gold standard in our industry. It has been a pleasure to work alongside each and every one of you, and I wish you all the absolute best.

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