‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Finale & Reunion Spoilers

Getty Amara La Negra

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is wrapping up its first season on VH1. The series airs its final episode tonight, followed by the reunion special, where cast members get back together and recount the season’s most dramatic moments. Read on to learn spoilers and key details regarding the reunion below.

In a sneak peek for the reunion special, rapper Baby Blue Whoaaaa explodes at his fellow cast members and nearly starts a fight. Shay Johnson and ex-boyfriend Pleasure P are having a conversation about where their relationship went wrong when Prince’s ex Liz interjects. “The point of the reunion is that you all have the opportunity to speak on any storyline and if you see something and want to speak, you have the right to”, reminds the show’s host, Nina Parker.

There Are a Number of Fights Rumored for the ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Reunion

Baby Blue ignores Parker’s warning and tells her to “shut the f**k up” before threatening to fight Prince on the spot. Even after things settle down, Blue is irritated with Parker’s statements. “Everyone needs to be respected”, she says to the cast, to which Blue replies: “You ain’t going to check me.” He eventually apologizes for his actions.

But Blue isn’t the only cast member who has a bone to pick. According to gossip source Pet Tea Blog, rapper Trina also went after Shay Johnson during the reunion shoot. Trina allegedly took aim at Shay after the latter dissed Trina’s cousin Joy. This is supported by the Twitter account Love & Hip Hop fights, which reported something similar on February 7. “Expect to see Shay running up on Joy later on this season! They also got into it at the reunion,” the source wrote. “Which is why Trina and Shay got into it at the reunion! Trina was defending Joy.”

Trina & Shay Johnson Get Into a Serious Fight Over Trina’s Cousin Joy

Reality Blurb claims that Bobby Lytes will get into a spat with Trina’s assistant Alvin Rockstar during the reunion’s first part. Rockstar laid into Lytes, calling him a series of offensive names and rushing across the stage in a seeming attempt to attack him. This isn’t the first time that the two men have had beef. During a previous episode, Rockstar and Lytes got into an argument over who was more important to Trina. The argument got so heated that Lytes threw a glass at Rockstar and broke it. They were eventually forced to take their seats.

One of the most anticipated conflicts of the season was between cast members Amara La Negra and Young Hollywood. Their issue stemmed from the fact that the latter suggested Amara change her signature hair. Young Hollywood felt that Amara overreacted to this, and Amara hints at the possibility that the two had been romantically involved at some point.

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