Matthew Perry Death Hoax: No, the ‘Friends’ Star Did Not Die, He’s Still Alive

Getty Matthew Perry

No, Matthew Perry has not died. If you see that rumor spreading, it’s a hoax or a misunderstanding. Tragically, Luke Perry of 90210 and Riverdale, among many other appearances, has passed away. Matthew Perry, who is not related to Luke Perry, is fine.

When the news of Luke Perry’s death was announced, some people immediately thought the news was about the popular star of Friends who played Chandler. But the tragic news was about another popular star who is just three years older than Matthew, Luke Perry.

Luke Perry died after suffering a massive stroke. His biological father, Cory Luther Perry, Jr., died of a heart attack when Luke was just a teenager and Cory was 35. Luke was 52 when he passed away and seemed to be in great health. He was starring in Riverdale as the main character’s father and he looked like he was in great shape. His death was a shock to fans. Luke was a heartthrob on 90210 and a father figure to the cast on Riverdale. He passed away at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, TMZ shared, while surrounded by his children, his fiance, his ex-wife, and his siblings, his mom, and his stepdad. Luke was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday morning after suffering a massive stroke. He was still responsive and talking when the paramedics arrived, which led to fans’ hoping he’d be able to recover since the stroke was caught quickly. But his condition quickly deteriorated. He was sedated, hoping his brain could recover, but the damage was too severe.

Meanwhile, Matthew Perry is doing well, but he’s had some serious health scares just this past year. In September, he revealed that he was just released from the hospital after suffering a gastrointestinal perforation where he was bedridden in the hospital for three months, People reported. A source said that when he was hospitalized, Matthew was “very sick” and his condition was “very serious.” He had surgery to repair a hole in his intestinal tract in August 2018 — just a few months ago.

His condition is also sometimes called a ruptured bowel, Deadline shared, and it can lead to a serious infection and other complications.

Matthew has also been open about his substance abuse issues and other struggles. He shared on February 6 that he was kicked out of therapy, but clarified it was only one session.

So although Matthew Perry was recently facing serious health issues, he is fine today. It was Luke Perry who tragically passed away.


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