Adan Auditions for ‘Laz Voz’ on ‘Mexican Dynasties’

Getty Adan Allende

The drama surrounding the Allende family continues on tonight’s episode of Mexican Dynasties. The family’s youngest son, Adan, will audition for the singing competition La Voz, leading to disagreements with his brother and his parents. Learn more about Adan’s audition process below.

For those who don’t want to learn what happens to Adan after his audition, be warned. The rest of the post includes spoilers and crucial details about the audition and the rest of the episode as a whole.

Adan Auditions for ‘La Voz’ & the Results Lead to Disagreements With His Family

According to Fansided, Adan’s audition on La Voz goes well enough that he’s offered a contract with the singing competition. That said, his success leads to a disagreement with his parents. They do not think the contract that Adan gets offered is up to snuff, and urge him to consider other options. As a result, Adan is forced to make a big decision about his future, and determine whether he wants to sign with La Voz.

Adan’s rivalry with his older brother Elan also continues on tonight’s episode, as Elan and his wife sign a separate recording contract. Adan and Elan used to be in a music group together, but they decided to call it quits and pursue separate careers instead. Both have YouTube channels where they regularly put out original songs and covers of popular hits.

Adan’s Sibling Rivalry With Brother Elan Is Also a Focus of the Episode

There is also the matter of the family’s living arrangements, which may feed into Adan and Elan’s confrontation. According to Bravo, Elan moved out and got married against his parents’ wishes, while Adan continues to live at home and is showered with attention. “Living with them not only offers financial freedom, but they also help him with creative support for his music career that his brother no longer receives since he left home, despite being have the same creative goals,” the article states.

Child therapist and parent coach Laura Knoll Myers explains that this arrangement is damaging to familial relationships. “Sibling rivalry isn’t always outgrown in childhood and can continue throughout the lifespan,” she explained. “Some rivalry is normal, overt parental favoritism has been shown in psychological research to negatively affect the mental health of all of the children in the family.”

She added that the parents may be fueling the rivalry,“Comparing each child’s accomplishments or differences is the most common way to fuel rivalry and can impact your children’s ability to develop positive relationships with each other,” she said.

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