Why the Next Bachelorette 2019 is Not Hannah Godwin

Hannah Godwin via Instagram Hannah Godwin

Hannah G. instantly grabbed viewers’ attention during Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, not just because she naturally looks like a real-life Disney Princess, but because she won the First Impression Rose. And in seasons past, those who receive such an honor, and don’t end up with a ring on their finger, go on to be the franchise’s next star of The Bachelorette. For example: Rachel Lindsay, Becca Kufrin, Jojo Fletcher, and Katlin Bristowe.

Until Colton jumped over the fence to chase after Cassie during the first half of the finale episode, most people believed Hannah G. would be the girl he proposed to at the end. While she introduced Colton to her family during the Hometown Dates, made it to the Final 3, and admitted she was falling in love with the former NFL prospect, Hannah G. ended up getting the shaft.

After Colton begged Cassie not to leave, insisted to her that she was “the one,” he couldn’t in good consciousness then carry on through his Fantasy Suite date with Hannah G. While the Alabama native, who just turned 24 in February, waited with anticipation for her special night with Colton, when he finally arrived at her door, she received nothing heartache.

Most women can only wonder what a man was thinking before deciding to break up with her, but Hannah G. got to see the entire scene play out over a two-hour hyped up episode on national TV. While that’s a tough thing to experience, it’s exactly the kind of devastation one must be prepare for after signing up for a reality TV show like The Bachelor. Nowhere in those iron-clad contracts do producers promise to be nice.

The silver lining, however, after watching Colton go after the one girl who said to his face that she’s not in love with him, was that Hannah G. was now primed to be the No. 1 name on the list to be the next star of The Bachelorette. Already a massive fan favorite, the self-described content creator had a solid 77K followers before appearing on The Bachelor, and now boasts a whopping 800K. While that may seem like a silly stat to mention, guaranteed audience numbers are taken seriously by producers.

Hannah G., who graduated from the University of Montevallo in 2017 with Bachelors in Business, Marketing, Management, and Related Support Services, had spunk, unafraid to rap at the family dinner table even though she possesses no discernible skill in that talent realm, unparalleled beauty, and dedicated fans.

But for reasons only Bachelor Nation producers can explain, they went ahead and picked the other Hannah, Hannah B., according to reports by Reality Steve, which likely triggered some PTSD for the fellow former pageant queen.

While much of the early drama in Colton’s season stemmed from the dislike between Caelynn, Miss North Carolina 2018, who was first-runner up in the Miss America competition, and Hannah B., who didn’t place at all, not much was mentioned of the beef between the two Hannahs.

Crowning of Hannah Brown, Miss Alabama USA 2018Crowning of Hannah Brown, Miss Alabama USA 20182017-11-07T23:47:42.000Z

In 2018, Hannah G. competed for the title of Miss Alabama and lost to none other than Hannah B. And while Hannah G. made it much further in capturing Colton’s heart this season, it’s once again, Hannah B. who’s winning the overall title out from under her. And in hindsight, signs that this how it would all play out were clear.

Hannah G. is soft-spoken, steered clear of all the drama and only focused on her relationship with Colton. And while that’s the epitome of what anyone would want in a perfect contestant, it doesn’t make for super exciting reality TV.

Hannah B., on the other hand, sold her soul to the devil to make a name for herself this season. There were so many cringe-worthy scenes of her loudly growling, gamely referring to herself as “Hannah Beast,” and the network loved to promote her crazy.

As “Hannah Beast,” she was the first to get the beauty pageant drama fired up with Caeylynn, and any time Colton even looked at her Miss America frenemy, she stared at Colton as if she wanted to wear his face. It appeared as if Hannah B. would do whatever producers told her to do if it meant more screen time. And that’s the kind of person the franchise loves to cast. Oh, and she’s also stunningly gorgeous.

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happy valentine’s day to myself. I love you. XOXO ???

A post shared by Hannah Brown (@itsalabamahannah) on Feb 14, 2019 at 2:35pm PST

The fact that producers gave her such a complimentary exit, in which she accepted Colton’s rejection with a mature grace, was a huge departure in character from what we’d seen from her all season.The girl graduated from the University of Alabama magna cum laude in 2017 with a B.A. in Communications and Information Sciences, so perhaps this crazy girl act was merely just that, and now she can truly be herself as a wonderfully sane, yet energetic star of The Bachelorette.

Unlike other contestants, Hannah G. hasn’t been posting a crazy amount of Bachelor related posts on Instagram, or tweeting up a storm when episodes air. Perhaps, already knowing she won’t be the next Bachelorette has deflated her enthusiasm.

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