Ninja Natalie on MTV’s The Challenge

Ninja Natalie, The Challenge

Instagram Ninja Natalie on MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds, has been killing the competition and is one of the top-ranked power teams on the show thus far.

Ninja Natalie, whose real name is Natalie Duran, was known for her upbeat personality and incredible “ninja-like” skills when she starred on American Ninja Warrior. Duran is now showing off those same skills on MTV’s The Challenge: War of Worlds, and fans of the ninja warrior couldn’t  be more thrilled.

Duran took part in four seasons of American Ninja Warrior, according to American Ninja Warrior Nation. “She made her debut in season five and returned in season eight, where she advanced to the Los Angeles City Finals and received a wild card to Las Vegas. In season nine, she made it back to the City Finals once again, and in season 10, she had an early exit in the Qualifiers,” the publication reports. “She’s also taken part in Team Ninja Warrior and Ninja vs Ninja as part of the Golden Hearts along with Grant McCartney and Neil Craver.”

The Challenge: War of Worlds debuted its 33rd season on February 6, and has been taking the competition by storm. Duran isn’t the only Ninja Warrior contestant on the show however; long-time Challenge participant Johnny Bananas was also part of the cast, with this season being his eighteenth time on the show.

So far this season, Duran has been killing it. Not only do most of the challenges look almost too easy for Duran, she and her partner Paulie are definitely one of the top ranked power teams so far. During last week’s challenge, players had to swing a large beam over to their partner while their partner had to jump onto it, snake around, and then leap back off to hit a floating target, which stopped their time. Paulie and Duran killed the challenge, although it is difficult to even consider this a “challenge” for Duran (more like an everyday, backyard workout for the ninja warrior).

So what’s going to happen on tonight’s episode of The Challenge? Without giving away too many spoilers, we do know that Duran is made into an “enemy” by another contestant, according to the synopsis (below) and the promo (above):

“War is on between allies when one teammate quits on their partner during the ‘Tired Out’ challenge. Bear riles up the house and makes an enemy out of Ninja Natalie. Players battle for survival, in the dark, during the ‘Lights Out’ elimination.”

We also know one player is going to quit on his/her teammate tonight, so fans of the show are in for one dramatic evening. It’s unknown whether or not the player actually quits, or just forfeits the challenge, but it should be an interesting evening for fans either way.

Which player do you think quits tonight on The Challenge 2019? Why do you think Ninja Natalie Duran is cast as the role of “enemy” by Bear? Let us know in the comments below and tune in at 9/8c on MTV to catch the newest episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds.

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