Oscar Madrazo’s Children on ‘Mexican Dynasties’

Getty Axel Madrazo and his father Oscar Madrazo

The relationship between the Madrazo siblings and Raquel Bessudo takes a strained turn on the latest episode of Mexican Dynasties. Raquel visits the siblings and spends time with them, but she and Oscar Madrazo get into an argument when the latter feels that she slighted his children.

In a preview for tonight’s episode, Raquel says that she wants to meet Oscar’s children, but a visibly annoyed Oscar reminds her that she met them at a family wedding. “There’s something there, because you thought they were adopted,” he said, adding that the children were “totally offended.”

When Oscar and sister Paulina recount the awkward exchange to the viewers, he continues to criticize Raquel. “Raquel was at the baptism,” he explained. “She was there, I mean we have the photos. It was like on the biggest magazine ever… she eats those magazines.”

Oscar Feels Offended by Raquel’s Remarks About His 2 Children

According to Bravo, Oscar is the first openly gay man in Latin America to have children through surrogacy. The magazine that Oscar previously referenced, Quién, even went as far as to dedicate an entire issue to his twins Anyk and Axel. Both are currently 13. At the time of their birth, Oscar urged his sister Paulina to get pregnant so their kids would be close in age. Paulina has two children of her own: Cassandra, 12, and Nico, 9.

Oscar and Paulina are very close and consider each other to be soul mates. “He’s definitely mine. I’m not sharing. Not now, not ever. So stay away,” Paulina jokingly said, when asked about her brother. Oscar often goes on vacation with his sister and their respective children, based on several of his Instagram posts.

Oscar Is the First Openly Gay Man In Latin America to Have Children Through Surrogacy

“We raise our kids together, but we have very different parenting methods,” Paulina explained. “His kids are not supposed to eat fried food. Half of Mexican food is fried, so they can’t eat half of whatever is made in Mexico.”

“We’re always mistaken for a married couple and, c’mon, he would be so lucky,” she joked. NBC Universal states that Oscar is not letting his duties as a father get in the way of his social life. In addition to running the largest and most prestigious modeling agency in Mexico, he is single and currently looking to strike up a relationship. Paulina supports him in his search. “I’m concerned about Oscar not having a partner,” she said. “I know how it feels to be single.”

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