Patricia on Hoarders Season 10 Episode 4: Triple Hoards to Explore

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Tonight’s episode of Hoarders follows three different houses with horror story hoards overflowing from each property, as the reality television series airs the disaster that they find in each facility.

The official synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “A retired nurse makes extra money selling things that other people have discarded, but is fined thousands of dollars a week because her three Florida homes are overflowing with her inventory.”

The promo for tonight’s A&E episode features Patricia, who owns three properties that are bursting at the seams with her “inventory.”

“Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result; I’m gonna take it a step further and I think that Einstein’s definition of insanity is really: doing the same thing over and over again knowing what the end result is going to be to you, your house and your wallet,” a man says about Patricia’s multiple hoards in the promo. “That takes it from a business to an illness.”

Not much else is known about Patricia or her hoarding predicament based on the few promos released for the newest episode. However, we do know that Patricia has a passion for picking up other people’s “discarded” items, so we can assume she picks up used furniture, old pictures, miscellaneous decorations and other odds and ends she finds (possible on the side of the road during spring cleanup or from donations) that other people have tossed out or are trying to get rid of.

She then sells the items to others interested in picking them up for a decent price, although she is now getting fined for the overabundance of product she has acquired since launching her business, which is spreading out onto the lawns of her homes.

For anybody who actually enjoys spring cleanup for this exact same reason (some of us enjoy re-purposing other peoples’ old furniture) you might be able to sympathize with Patricia. However, by the aerial view of her properties in the promo video we know that she might have gotten a bit out of hand with picking up discarded items she finds and storing them on each of her properties.

Camera shots of the interior of her homes shows mountains of furniture, lamps, pictures, and baskets of random trinkets strewn about the homes, leaving viewers questioning how the cameras could even maneuver through the rooms. Boxes of unknown items tower up toward the ceiling as the refrigerator and kitchen counters are literally buried beneath the rest of her inventory.

This season of Hoarders has cut back the amount of episodes it produces to focus more time on less people. Instead of the usual hour-long episodes, season 10 is doing only five, two-hour long episodes that focus on the subject of the home and their living conditions. Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. on A&E to catch the newest episode of Hoarders, which follows Patricia’s story.

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