Is Reagan Agee Married on Very Cavallari? Does She Have a Husband?

Reagan Agee, Tom Boardman, Very Cavallari

Instagram Reagan Agee, Kristin Cavallari's assistant on the reality television show Very Cavallari, is dating a man named Tom Boardman. Here's what we know about the couple.

Reagan Agee, Kristin Cavallari’s assistant on the reality television show Very Cavallari, helps Cavallari with the day-to-day pressures of running her business and fashion line, Uncommon James.

Agee appears to be in a committed relationship with a man named Tom Boardman, although there is little known about him other than the two are together. The couple often posts pictures of the two together on Instagram, including out on dates, dressed up in matching costumes/outfits, on the beach, and enjoying Las Vegas vacations.

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I feel good about it

A post shared by Reagan Agee (@ayyrearea) on Aug 11, 2018 at 10:50pm PDT

The pictures don’t date back too far however, so it’s unclear if the couple is married, or how long they have actually been together. Agee often refers to Boardman as “daddy” on Instagram, posting pictures with captions like “daddy flexin'” and “daddy’s gurl.

It looks like Boardman and Agee may have started dating sometime back in August, 2018, judging by the photos on both of their Instagram accounts. Before that, neither of the couple had pictures of each other, nor did they seem to be in contact. Boardman actually had some pictures with other women on his account dating back a few years, so it doesn’t look like the couple has been together for longer than the last 6-8 months. The first picture Boardman posted with Agee is dated September 15, 2018, and Agee’s with Boardman is August 12, with the caption, “I feel good about it.”

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Ey gurl what’s ur name?

A post shared by Tom Boardman (@mrboardman1) on Sep 15, 2018 at 10:11pm PDT

Agee’s role on Very Cavallari involves tending to Cavallari’s needs and working with the rest of her design team, including her social media head Shannon Ford, head of operations Brittainy Taylor, retail associate Wirth Campbell, and model Taylor Monaco, among others. Agee was a Nashville-area hairdresser prior to becoming Cavallari’s assistant, according to Bustle.

Agee revealed to Florence, Alabama’s Times Daily that despite loving her small-town roots, she wanted to experience living in a larger city. “I knew I had to get to a bigger city and meet people … I went to cosmetology school here and love doing hair … I like to do different things.”

In a promo clip featuring Cavallari speaking about her staff, she calls Agee her “little ball of sunshine. She literally is like rainbows and butterflies.” So despite Agee’s lack of experience as a personal assistant prior to her joining Cavallari’s team, she seems to be taking her role in stride.

With Agee being featured on the reality show, it’s likely that Boardman will make an appearance as well. Despite the lack of details known about Agee’s Instagram beau, the couple seem to be happy enough at the moment, so we will have to wait and see if there will be a ring on Agee’s finger in the near future.

Very Cavallari premieres on E! at 10/9c, so tune in to follow Cavallari, Agee and the rest of the team and to hopefully watch Agee’s relationship with Boardman unfold.

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