Cory Booker’s Girlfriend, Rosario Dawson’s Daughter Lola: 5 Fast Facts


Rosario Dawson’s daughter, Lola, might just be living in the White House in a few years. Dawson recently confirmed her relationship to 2020 Democratic candidate, Cory Booker. Dawson has one daughter, Lola, who was adopted in 2014.

To TMZ, Dawson confirmed the relationship in D.C. on Thursday, saying, “He’s an amazing human being…it’s good to spend some time together when we can.”

Dawson continued that she had “no idea” whether they would ever marry, clarifying, “I’m just grateful to be with someone who I love and admire and respect so much, who is so brilliant and kind and caring and loving.”

Lola was 12 years old when she was adopted. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dawson Has No Biological Children: She Adopted Lola in 2014

Dawson adopted her first child, Lola, in 2014. Lola was 12 years old at the time. To Us Weekly, Dawson opened up about her decision, explaining that her father was not her biological father. She said, “I told my mom at five, that when I got older I was going to adopt, and I was going to adopt older.”

Dawson added, “It’s just interesting, I remember I was five years old and I came up with that very, very clearly, that I wanted to adopt, and I wanted to adopt older.”

Dawson also told the publication that she is currently also sponsoring a young boy and his family who live in Sierra Leone.

2. Lola Does Not Have a Cell Phone, According to Dawson

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Dawson said her daughter doesn’t have a cell phone. She said, “No cell phone, no social media. I just think it’s really critical…you’re seeing more and more about brain development, how important it is that we learn three-dimensionally…”

The host cut her off to say that she really wanted to know was how Dawson managed to keep her daughter away from it anyways. Dawson replied, “I talked to her about it, and I go, you know, you can see this with a lot of other kids who are developing themselves online according to the likes and dislikes that they get, as opposed to developing themselves and presenting themselves online. And I think there’s a really big difference.”

Dawson continued, “It’s really about championing her, it’s about creating from abundance, and saying, ‘I’m so excited for all the things you’re growing and learning and loving, so that by the time you are on social media, people are going to be blown away by everything you are and want to create in the world. But you don’t need it right now.'”

3. Booker Has Attended Events with Lola & Dawson in the Past

Though Booker’s never spoken about his relationship with Dawson or her daughter, he has been seen out in public with them.

At a Broadway show in January, Dawson, Lola, Booker, and Booker’s niece were all seen together, to watch Dear Evan Hanson.  The group took pictures together behind the scenes when they were meeting the cast, and People reports that Dawson even sang “I love you” to Booker, sparking relationship rumors that have since been confirmed.

Per the magazine, it was Booker’s second time seeing the show, Dawson’s first, and Lola’s first Broadway show ever. A source told People“But they were … a very effusive bunch, hugging every cast member, telling each one specific things about each performance, [being] really personable.”

4. Booker Has No Children & Has Never Been Married

Booker has never been married and has no children of his own. As a result, his personal life has been the subject of intense scrutiny over the years, with rumors that he was gay, as well as a number of rumors that he was connected to various women, including Cleo Wade and Chanda Gibson.

Booker has not talked often about the details around his romantic history, or his candidacy as a “single man” (though that narrative will undoubtedly change, now that Dawson has confirmed the relationship.) However, he did tweet out in January 2013, “My future wife who will endure a sci fi nerd, coffee addicted, work-a-holic”

5. If Booker Becomes President, His Relationship Will Become a New Milestone in American History

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#ThrowbackThursday to 1992 in my first year studying at Oxford. I was 23, I studied history, played basketball for the Oxford varsity team, met incredible folks from around the world, became a vegetarian, read hundreds of books, and had my first real opportunity to travel outside of the United Stares visiting at least two dozen countries. It was a two year experience I’m still profoundly grateful for and humbled to have had; one that broadened my understanding of the world and deepened my love and appreciation of America. I went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. I was keenly aware of the history of the scholarship and the painful history of Cecil Rhodes himself. When the scholarship was created, women and minorities were not allowed to apply. By 1992 the 95 or so scholars chosen that year were diverse and from countries all over the planet from South Africa to Canada. There is a bible verse from Luke my mother spoke to me often, “to those who much is given, much is required.” My grandfather had another valuable idea: Education is not best marked by the degrees one gets but by the service one gives. History is complex, from its wretched pain and vicious cruelty to its triumphs of spirit and phenomenal exhibitions of ingenuity, collaboration, perseverance and love. We have inherited this history and we are the ones who will now shape the future. May we, the inheritors of our ancestors struggles, sacrifices, and work, honor the blessings we inherited with how well we now serve. To those who much is given; much is required. #tbt

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Though there have been five presidents in American history who didn’t have children, and there are two presidents who served as bachelors, there has never been a president who served with a girlfriend, not to mention one who had a child without the man in question.


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