SNL Time Tonight: When Is Next New Saturday Night Live Episode On?



Tonight, fans who tune into NBC may notice there is no new episode of Saturday Night Live. The next new SNL will air next week, March 30, at 11:30pm ET/PT. 

Who will host next week’s episode? The show will be hosted by Sandra Oh with Tame Impala as the musical guest.

Sandra Oh, as many people know, is perhaps best known for playing Cristina Yang on the ABC medical series Grey’s Anatomy and Eve Polastri in the BBC America murder-mystery series Killing Eve.

Oh opened up about finding herself as she made her way from Toronto to LA to be an actress in a recent interview with In Style. Asked if she ever second-guessed herself when she got to LA, she shared, “It’s really such a powerful time when you’re 23, 24. There is a certain energy and boldness, but I’ve always been driven. This industry can be crushing, but I f***ing love it. I love it, and I think I would be acting and doing something creative no matter what.”

Asked what has she felt the most and least secure about professionally, the actress shared, “I was more insecure when I was 20 than I am at 47. At 47 it’s like, “You need me to put on a crazy dress with mirrors [see photo above]? Yeah, sure. I’m going to work the shit out of this!” I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s, like, you give less f***s.”

And what do we know about Tame Impala? The band is described as an Australian psychedelic music project and is led by Kevin Parker. The group also includes Dominic Simper, Cam Avery, and Julien Barbagallo. They are currently signed to Interscope Records in the US.

In a 2016 interview with Noisey, Parker explained, “People talk about this psychedelic ‘scene’. I don’t know who we overlap with. I don’t know who else there is. At this point in our career, if you’re a dude that’s in to like psych rock, I think it’s fair to say you’ll know about Tame Impala.”

He went on to discuss who controls the sound of the band, and said, “If there were lots of other people involved and I was controlling everything, then I would say I was a control freak. It’s more just about creativity. Like if the song needs drums, then I’ll do the drums. The elements and vision that I have make up what Tame Impala is.”

Be sure to tune into next week’s episode of SNL to watch Sandra Oh as host, and Tame Impala as the musical guest.


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