Tayshia Adams’ Ex-Husband Josh Bourelle & Ex-Boyfriend Chase Olswang Speak Out

Tayshia Adams Ex Husband

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tayshia Adams is one of the final 3 contestants on The Bachelor 2019 and she is the only one of the three who was previously married. She also has an ex-boyfriend speaking out about their relationship, now that Adams is on the show. Get to know more about Adams’ ex-husband, her divorce, and the reports that she was dating her ex-boyfriend up until Bachelor filming in our rundown below.

Taysha Adams’ Ex-Boyfriend Chase Olswang

According to Glamour Fame, Adams has an ex-boyfriend named Chase Olswang who recently alleged that Adams was dating him up until she left to start filming the current season of The Bachelor. A source told Us Weekly that, “It’s a messed-up situation. He was in love with her. He’s not anymore, but he still loves her.”

Olswang, who works as a model, told Us Weekly that he and Adams met at a bar in Newport Beach, California in November 2017 and dated for about 10 months. Olswang said, “We fell in love really quickly … I moved some things around … before she ended up deciding to leave [for The Bachelor], because she still wasn’t really sure if she was going to go on the show or not. She was still back and forth … she wasn’t sure. As it got closer, I could kind of see changes between us and I could kind of tell that she was leaning toward going. I don’t know all of the exact reasons for that.” Clearly, Adams ended up going on the show.

Adams has reportedly reached out to Olswang since filming as he said, “There is an open line of communication. We’re there for each other if we need to be, but things have changed quite a bit since she’s come back.”

Taysha Adams’ Ex-Husband Josh Bourelle

An insider told Us Weekly that when Adams was dating Chase Olswang, she was still getting over her divorce from ex-husband Josh Bourelle. Adams first opened up about being married on The Bachelor during episode 4 and it was talked about more during her hometown date with Colton Underwood.

Canoe reported that Bourelle and Adams were only married for one year and six months, citing irreconcilable differences as the cause for the split. When talking about her failed marriage to Colton Underwood, Adams said that her ex was her first boyfriend and they were together over six years. She said she fought very hard to stay with him and she thought that she would only be married once. She also said, “You can’t make someone want to be married.”

Adams said on The Bachelor that being divorced hasn’t deterred her from wanting to get married again. But, it has taught her a lot about how to make a relationship work.

The other three women left in the final 3 for The Bachelor 2019 are Hannah Godwin and Cassie Randolph. One of the three women is the winner this season and if you’d like the spoilers on which of them ends up with Colton Underwood, you can find them here.