The Bachelor Contestants 2019 Appearing on ‘The Women Tell All’

The Bachelor Contestants 2019

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tonight, The Bachelor contestants are back for ‘The Women Tell All’, and the drama is bound to go down as this group of ladies gets together for the first time in a while.

According to ABC’s preview for tonight, Nicole and Onyeka go at it once again, but Tracy and Sydney come to Onyake’s defense. Katie’s intentions are then questioned, while Demi and Courtney have “one of the night’s most intense conversations” of the evening.

Which contestants will be appearing on ‘The Women Tell All’? Get the details here.

Adrianna “Jane” Aver

Adrianna is a 26-year-old social worker from West Hollywood, California. She was eliminated during the show’s premiere.

Her ABC contestant bio describes her as, “a social worker… she uses her positive vibes and good nature to help care for seniors at an elderly day care facility. When she’s not at work, Jane loves spending time with her mom and her dog, Bella.”

Alex Blumberg

Alex B. is a 29-year-old dog rescuer from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Alex Dillon

Alex Dillon is 23, and hails from Boston, MA. Fans may remember has as the sloth from the premiere. She was voted off during night one.

Angelique Sherman

Angelique is 28 and is from Hamilton, New Jersey. She works as a marketing salesperson.

Annie Reardon

Annie works as a financial associate from Mequon, Wisconsin. She met Colton on The Ellen Show before the rest of the ladies did.

Bri Barnes

Bri is the lady who faked an Australian accent when she first met Colton. The 24-year-old is a model from Los Angeles, California.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Even though she was just voted off last week, Caelynn will appear on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. She will speak to Chris Harrison about her relationship with Colton and her heartbreak.

Caitlin Clemmens

Caitlin, 25, comes from Toronto, Ontario, where she works as a realtor.

Catherine Agro

Agro was extremely aggressive on night one, where she did whatever it took to grab Colton’s attention. The 26-year-old comes from Ft Lauderdale, where she works as a DJ. She also brought her dog to night one of the show.

Courtney Curtis

This Atlanta native is a caterer.

Demi Burnett

Demi is bound to stir up some drama on tonight’s ‘Women Tell All’. The 23-year-old was made out to be a villain on this season of the show but constantly boasted that her confidence was too intimidating the other contestants. She hails from Texas, where she works as an Interior Designer.

In a preview for tonight’s episode, we see Demi get feisty, telling another girl she should shove her heel down her throat. Demi may also touch upon a sensitive subject in this evening’s episode: that her mother was an inmate in federal prison.

Devin Gooden

Devin was eliminated on night one of the show. She is 23, and works as a journalist in Medford, Oregon. Devin graduated from Arizona State University with a Master of Arts in Sports Journalism.

Elyse Dehlbom

Fans may remember Elyse Dehlbom after she eliminated herself this season because she just wasn’t seeing it with Colton. The 31-year-old is from Soldotna, Alaska, and works as a makeup artist.

Erika McNutt

Erika says she goes by ‘the nut’ with her friends. She is 25 and works as a recruiter in Encinitas, California.

Erin Landry

The 28-year-old works as a human resources manager from Plano, Texas. She arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and left her shoe behind for Colton. Unfortunately, she didn’t have her fairy tale night as she was eliminated on the season premiere.

Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown is Miss Alabama 2018 and everyone remembers her for her never-ending feud with Caelynn Miller-Keyes on the show. Hannah got the first solo date of the season. She will be highlighted on tonight’s episode.

Heather Martin

Heather, a 22-year-old assistant program manager from Carslbad, California, had ‘never been kissed’… until this season. That’s right, Colton stole Heather’s first kiss.

Katie Morton

Katie works as a medical sales representative from Sherman Oaks, California. She’s also a dancer. Tonight, we’ll find out what Katie heard that ruined Caelynn’s chances with Colton.

Kirpa Sudick

Kirpa, 26, is from Whittier, California, where she works as a dental hygienist.

Laura Pellerito

Laura, 26, is an accountant from Dallas, Texas. She was voted off the first night of the show.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar

Nicole is 25 and from Miami, Florida. Things go down between her and Onyeka on tonight’s ‘Women Tell All’ as she attempts to explain why she’s a sensitive person and cries a lot.

Nina Bartula

Nina is 30 and from Raleigh, North Carolina. She works as a sales account manager.

Onyeka Ehie

Onyeka is known for not being afraid to speak her mind… Something she will do tonight on ‘The Women Tell All’.

Revian Chang

Revian was eliminated at the end of the season premiere.

Sydney Lotuaco

Sydney is another woman who leaves on her own volition. She also, apparently, left her job as a NY Knicks dancer to meet Colton and be with him on the show. Tonight, she’s going to find out the status of Colton’s virginity.

Tahzjuan Hawkins

Tahzjuan Hawkins is from Colorado and works as a business development associate. She was eliminated on night one.

Tracy Shapoff

Tracy is 31 and from Los Angeles, where she works as a wardrobe stylist. She is originally from New York.

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