The Bachelor 2019 Recap Episode 9: Who Was Eliminated Last Night?

Colton Underwood proposal, Colton Underwood

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Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was unlike anything the franchise and its fans have seen before. The penultimate episode of Colton Underwood’s season was meant to focus on his fantasy suite dates with the final three women in Portugal, but the question of whether or not the former NFL player would finally lose his virginity was eclipsed by an unexpected turn of events.

Ahead of tonight’s “Women Tell All” special episode, during which all of the eliminated contestants will confront one another and Underwood for the first time since filming, here’s what you need to know about what happened during last night’s episode:

Beware of spoilers! Do not keep reading if you are not caught up with the most recent episode of the season and do not want to know what happened last night.

The episode started with Colton’s helicopter date with Tayshia, that ended in an overnight. Though she revealed to the camera that he did not lose his virginity during their sleepover, she did tell Colton that she was falling in love with him. He did not say it back, and expressed after the date that he needed to see how things went with the other two women and try to stay present.

During his date with Cassie, he revealed to her that her father did not give his blessing for Colton to hypothetically propose to her at the end of the season. This news left Cassie shaken, and their date took a pause while she processed what it meant to her to not have her family’s approval. To make the decision more complicated, Cassie’s father flew into Portugal to talk to her in person, and explained that he did not give his blessing because he had doubts that Cassie really wants to end up with Colton.

While Colton prepared their fantasy suite for what he expected would be a romantic night, Cassie prepared to tell him that she has to go home. Their emotional conversation took up a good portion of the 2-hour episode, and even though he told her they didn’t have to get engaged at the end of the season, she still decided to leave and Cassie Randolph appeared to eliminate herself.

On last night’s episode, The Bachelor finally aired the scene they’ve been teasing all season: the moment when Colton Underwood dramatically jumped over a fence to get away from the Bachelor film crew. While fans had already seen the clip of him jumping and knew (based on an interview Underwood did with The Hollywood Reporter) that the moment would take place during the Fantasy Suite dates, no one knew what caused him to react that way until it was aired on ABC Monday night.

Usually, the penultimate episode concludes with the Bachelor eliminating one more woman after his fantasy suite dates with all three, so that there are two women remaining for the finale. While there are technically two women left heading into next week, last night’s episode ended without him ever having his date or overnight in the fantasy suite with Hannah G. and he all but sent the other two women home when he told Cassie he was choosing her. At this point, the two women do not know that Cassie went home, and it is unclear if Underwood will continue pursuing his relationships with either of them.

The season is sure to come to a dramatic conclusion next week, and we’ll have to tune in to find out what happens!

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