When Does ‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Start Filming?

The Bachelor 2019 Cast

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Next week is the two-night finale of The Bachelor, and fans are itching to know when the new season will begin filming.

The next season of The Bachelorette begins filming on March 14. That may seem surprising because it is so soon, but time is not wasted in the world of The Bachelor.

What exactly is the remaining schedule for the show? Monday, the 11th, is the finale, and Tuesday the 12th, is a two-hour live “After the Final Rose”, where we will learn who the next ‘Bachelorette’ is. And who exactly is that…?

Don’t read on unless you want to know who the next bachelorette is.

In a surprising turn of events, Reality Steve has reported that Hannah B. is the next bachelorette.

Hannah may not have made any official announcements yet, but she did tell ET during the taping of “The Women Tell All” that it’s an opportunity she’d love to have. “I would love to have the opportunity to continue on shedding that layer of just trying to be whatever I think people want me to be and just being myself,” she said. “I think I really believe in this process and I do think you can fall in love here and be in love and find your person. So, if it could be me, that would be great. I’m really sincere about it.”

She continued, “I think it’d be damn entertaining. I can guarantee that.”

According to her cast bio from ABC, Hannah B was raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in communications. She works as an interior designer. She had a long-running feud with Caelynn Miller-Keyes this season, who finished first runner up as Miss USA, but now, it seems she’s going to have her own time to shine.

In a recent interview with FanSided, Hannah was asked if ‘Hannah Beast’ was born on the show or if she’s been part of her for a while. She responded, “I feel like the beast has always been inside of me, in some way, but I unleashed the beast at that point [on The Bachelor]. I feel like some people were like, ‘Oh it’s fun and it’s silly,’ but to me the beast has been more about being okay with who I am and opening up and not really caring what anybody thinks. That’s what the beast is to me, so it was fun! It was just a different persona that I have and people really seemed to like it, so I’m Hannah Beast forever!”

Asked if she’s gotten crazy DMs since being on The Bachelor, the reality TV star responded:

What do you mean by crazy? I’ve gotten it all! (Laughs) It depends on what you’re asking. Look, I was a big part of the show and I had a great experience on the show and everybody saw all parts of me. There are people who have different opinions and there are people who want to express those opinions. I’ve had to toughen up through the experience. So like I said, I’ve kind of heard it all but ultimately, I don’t let people who don’t know me define me. I’m appreciative of people who are sweet, of course! But I really care about the people that know me in my heart and what they say about me. If that’s good then I feel good.

Be sure to tune into After the Final Rose next Tuesday to watch Hannah B. be crowned the next bachelorette.

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