Who Died on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9 Episode 15 Tonight?


Tonight is an intense, nearly-90-minute long episode of The Walking Dead called “The Calm Before.” If vague comments from comic readers are any indication, Season 9 Episode 15 is going to have a brutal ending. This post is going to be a live report of who dies during tonight’s episode. Yes, this article will have major spoilers for tonight’s episode, updated live as the episode airs. To find out who the dead people were that we saw at the end of the episode, scroll to the end of this story. 

The deaths that happen in tonight’s episode will be updated live as they happen. Simply refresh this article to learn about who dies in chronological order as it happens, along with an episode recap. The last major character death on The Walking Dead was when Rick “sort of” died. He’ll be on a trilogy of movies premiering later. Although he appeared to die to his friends, the show revealed a helicopter taking him away later. Maggie also didn’t die, she just left. So the most shocking death that we most recently saw was likely Carl’s, and many fans still believe that decision was a big mistake.

Read on to learn more about who died tonight as it happens, along with a short recap of the episode. I’ll put the people who died in bold in the story below.

The episode begins with a couple we don’t know celebrating their anniversary and happening upon Hilltop. Then a year later they’re celebrating their anniversary at Hilltop again. Miles and “Love” then celebrate their third anniversary by heading to the fair. We then see the woman on the ground, murdered by a Whisperer. So the first two to die are a couple we just met from Hilltop, at the hands of the Whisperers before the first commercial break. 

We next see Ezekiel leading a celebration of Rick, Carl, and Jesus at the fair. It’s a stirring speech about unity and building bridges for the common good. I love Ezekiel, he’s one of my favorites. :) Carol is leaving to get their dumb son Henry, but she doesn’t have to because Daryl and the crew arrive. There’s a sweet family hug and I kind of like Henry a little now. Even Michonne is at the fair!

All the communities finally sign their charter too. It’s a nice moment.

Later, we learn that Connie was apparently pregnant or had a baby at some point in the past, based on her conversation with her sister. Daryl later asks Connie to feed his dog while he’s gone, and there’s a total love connection between them, in my opinion.

Michonne is leaving and asks Siddiq to keep an eye on Judith. Carol is also taking off, along with a few people like Tara who will be helping protect neighboring communities.

Next, the group encounters a barricade (Carol, Michonne, Daryl, and others.) They see former Hilltop residents as walkers and are surrounded by walkers who show up out of nowhere. They’re going to have to fight their way out. And then the Whisperers come from out of the darkness, surrounding Carol, Michonne, Daryl, and another woman I’m not familiar with The Whisperers have guns. :(

And then Beta appears. I still don’t buy his survival, but this is not good. They better not kill Daryl. :-/

After the commercial break, we learn that the woman killed at the beginning of the episode is now the face for a Whisperer who is at the fair. :( I’m getting a Game of Thrones feeling here. (On second thought, she may just be wearing her dress and hat to look like her.)

Rosita and Eugene have a heart-to-heart talk at the fair about still being friends, even with Rosita being pregnant. And Henry and Lydia kiss.

The movie starts and I’m noticing that Siddiq is NOT sitting with Judith even though he promised to keep an eye on her. Hmmph.

And that’s when the woman in the green dress sits next to Lydia, and I’m realizing she’s Alpha. WHAT THE HECK. But wait. now after the commercial break, Alpha is confronting Daryl, Michonne, and Carol and I’m really confused.

Alpha walks Daryl away from the group to a cliff where he’s overlooking a huge horde of zombies. :( She tells him that her people are among the horde and the only reason they’re all alive is because she’s letting them live. She tells him that their communities are a shrine to a long dead world, a joke. She says to tell his community that the next time his people cross into her land, she’ll cross into theirs. Alpha is NOT killing Daryl!

Now we’re with Lydia and Alpha. It looks like these fair scenes are a flashback that occurred shortly before the scenes with Daryl and Alpha. Alpha was at both locations. And Alpha’s now disowning Lydia in this flashback scene at the fair. “You’re not one of us. You never were.” Lydia is not dying either, it appears.

“I don’t think you can protect my daughter,” Alpha tells Daryl. “But I hope I’m wrong.”

OK, that scene was a lot more civil than I expected.

After the commercial break, Daryl and Carol hug and join up with Michonne. None of them are dying!

Alpha and Beta chat, and Alpha is very hurt about Lydia. She calls over a random Whisperer and Alpha kills the Whisperer by stabbing them in the head. That’s the third death so far in this episode 

Michonne and Daryl and Carol find Siddiq. He’s tied up and bleeding and can barely walk. On the top of a hill are pikes with heads on top of them. OH My GOSH.

These are people from the fair. :(

The heads on pikes belong to the three highway men who are now zombies. Frankie (red-headed girl), the old woman who adopted the baby, Rodney (one of the teens) and Nadia (Nadia is the girl who liked Henry), Enid, Tara, and Henry. 




This is a big divergence from the comics, from what fans are saying.

By the way, if you’re wondering if Rosita died, it looks like she didn’t. Gabriel told Eugene to tell him if he saw “her,” which led a lot of fans (including me at first) to think it was Rosita who died. And the woman whose head is on the pike looked like Rosita. But when Siddiq was talking to the crowd, you could see Rosita in the group. So it turns out that it was Tara who died, not Rosita.

At the end, Siddiq tells the group that he was supposed to die with the others, but Alpha whispered, “Tell them.” When he woke up, he was alone, and he told the group about how they all died fighting as a unified group.

So in conclusion, these people died tonight: 

  • Two Hilltop members
  • Henry
  • Enid
  • Tara
  • Three highway men
  • Nadia
  • Tammie Rose Sutton
  • Rodney
  • Frankie

This is heartbreaking and so shocking. :( Poor Carol has now lost two children.

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